Summer’s in full swing. And as the temperature rises, it becomes important for us to protect our body from the increasing outer temperature by keeping it protected and hydrated. The body works perfectly at a certain temperature and as the temperature increases or decreases, it becomes necessary for us to maintain the required temperature accordingly. So, here are some ways to beat the heat this summer.

Avoid Overexposure To Sun

The period between 10am–4pm is the time when the summer sun is at its hottest best. Therefore, it is advisable to stay indoors during this period and move out only when necessary.  Remember, overexposure to sun also causes wrinkles and dark spots on your face. According to Webmd, a woman who is 40, but has protected her skin from the sun, actually has skin which looks like that of a 30-year-old. Moreover, being in the sun and the colour obtained from it, accelerates the effects of ageing and increases your risk of skin cancer.

Wear Protective Clothing

Natural fibres like cotton are the coolest. But, thin and loose ones do not offer proper protection against the sun. If you’re wearing a loosely woven shirt, wearing sun block along with it is the best option. You may also opt for UV protective clothes; these are available in the market. It is advisable to wear them when moving out in the sun. Wearing a hat and sunglasses is also recommended since both of them provide proper protection against the glare.

A Sunscreen That Suits You

There might be instances where a sunscreen doesn’t suit you and you’ll end up not using it. But sunscreens provide good protection from the sun’s glare. So, what’s important is to choose the one that suits your skin type. For those of you who use moisturisers on a daily basis, many of them come with sunscreens. Along with your skin please do not forget your lips. Apply a lip balm with SPF45-60 before you head out in the sun. It takes about 30 minutes for the chemical agents in the sunscreen to bind with your skin. So, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before your skin will be exposed to the sun.

Staying Hydrated

Experts recommend around 13 cups (3 litres) of fluids per day for males and around 9 cups (2.2 litres) of fluids for women. Also, 1 cup of fluids within a gap of around 15-20 minutes should be taken strictly. Water is best for staying hydrated. It can hydrate you better than the sports drinks. If you’re concerned about the electrolyte benefits, grab a handful of pretzels and nuts to restore them. Caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate you and hence should be avoided. Many people also report lack of thirst and hence do not drink water. Its recommended that you drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty.

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