Money And Relationship: Why Earn If Your Husband Earns?

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Why Earn If Your Husband Earns? Society considers it to be a man’s responsibility to look after the financial needs of the family, which often poses this question to a woman: Why earn if your husband is earning well?

It is a stereotype that women need not earn when a male member of the family is earning. Why can’t women earn whether married or unmarried even if the male member is earning well? Why do we have to question women for everything they choose to do? It starts with the father, and eventually, we are told why to earn when the husband earns. As if earning is a stigma. I have seen this among friends, and in extended families that a way out  is offered to women – marry rich, don’t work.

The following are the reasons women want to earn even if their husband/father is earning:

Accept A Woman’s Dream

Many people have a hard time acknowledging the fact that a woman can also dream to be a CEO or a working professional whether married or not. Like men, she has some expectations as well from her life and herself as an individual. Why can’t she explore the world the way she wants? She has dreams and is passionate about fulfilling them. To pursue her dream and earn well gives her freedom, her identity, and confidence – all of which are not bad for a woman to desire from her life as a human being.

Daughter Is Not A Liability

There is a belief that women need support and cannot take care of themselves financially without a man’s help. Well, this is not the truth. Women are capable to look after their financial needs. Women don’t want to be a lifelong project for their fathers because they are educated and can earn enough for a sustainable living. They want to have their share of experiences in life so, a woman can earn even if her father is filthy rich!

Different Interests

A woman might have a different interest that does not match with her family or husband. For instance, travel. A woman may be willing to save her earnings for an amazing trip but her husband might want to save for other activities that he enjoys more. So, there will not be a conflict on spending money on a particular activity killing the interest of one of them. It will be great for both of them to enjoy their ihobbies without stressing about the overall expenses.

Independence and Freedom

There are many cases in India where women continue to be in toxic relationships, one of the major reasons being that they are financially dependent on their husbands. This takes away their freedom and everyone else is making decisions for them. So, working makes them financially independent, they can spend according to their wish, and have the freedom to live their life accordingly.

Everyday Expenses

If both the family members earn, the financial expenses can be shared and the rest can be saved for some other purposes. This will keep the burden off the male member and contribute to a balanced and happy life.

Therefore, let’s not judge women or question their decision to work even when their husband/father is earning. Just like some Bollywood heroes who supported their women – From Tumhari Sulu, Ashok supporting Sulu to be an RJ and doing a night shift. In Thappad, Amrita’s father supporting her in every decision she takes and asks to pursue her dream. Let’s be more accepting towards new changes, support women in their decisions, rather than becoming a hurdle in their journey.

Why Earn If Your Husband Earns?

The views expressed are the author’s own.