Why Are Feminist Dads More Appreciated Than Feminist Moms?

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Women are often so proud to have a feminist dad that they ignore the contributions of their feminist mother in their lives. Similarly, why is it that this happens? Why is it that dads are applauded for being a feminist more than we applaud our moms? And how can we support our feminist moms more than we already do?

Our moms were probably the first feminist figures of our lives who taught us to question the second-handed patriarchal knowledge that society handed down to us. They developed our intellect in a way that we were able to have our own opinion. Our moms gave us the space to be our own person. And even stood up against the other family members in our interest. Our moms gave us opportunities that they may have never got. Yet, why is it that we appreciate our dads more?

Why do we applaud our feminist dads more than our feminist moms?

Crimes like rape, acid attacks, murders, domestic and sexual violence are often committed by men over women according to statistics. As men are more prone to be performing injustices or unfair practices over women, we expect them to behave in that way already. So when we get even the bare minimum respect from men, we applaud them as if it was some achievement.

So to all the men who feel that only respecting women is being a feminist then you are definitely on the wrong track. Most women respect other men and women. That’s the bare minimum that is expected from an individual. True feminism is giving the right independence to others.

If your dad still prohibits you from hanging out with the people of your choice or you will think about what your dad will think while shopping for your own clothes, your dad is not a feminist. He has patriarchy deep-rooted in him. And the reason you have the freedoms that you do is your mom not dad.

In the case of our moms, we expect them to be perfect in all senses. And we completely forget that our moms are humans who may tend to make mistakes in life. So keep your expectations at the same level for your mom and dad.

How to appreciate our moms more than we already do?

The basics again, respect your mom as much as you respect your dad. Moms do more than our dads obviously. There is no comparison to what a woman suffers through her pregnancy and childbirth. And that’s not it. Nursing a child and protecting it till it becomes an adult is an even bigger task. Remember that every mother is a single mother through her pregnancy. So give her the credit she deserves.

The task she does around the day is not trivial. They are your tasks that she does for you. So help her around the house. Help her with her work. Know if your mom feels unwell as she won’t show it openly.

Why Are Feminist Dads More Appreciated Than Feminist Moms? Is it time to change this?

Don’t laugh or tease her mistakes in English or technology. English is merely a language and there was a time when you were one of the tech-dummies. So be patient even if your mom asks the same thing again and again.

Let her know that you respect her and are proud of the woman she is. Let her know that she is loved and wanted in the family. Give her the love and respect that you would expect in the future from your children.

Views expressed are author’s own