5 Times Ratna Pathak Shah Dropped Truth Bombs On Patriarchy

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Actor Ratna Pathak Shah, who recently featured in the women-centric film, Thappad, has called out the patriarchy time and again. The actor who believes that the social system has affected all the genders. Shah, who as Maya Sarabhai in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai left quite an impression on the viewers, makes us rethink the norms of the society we abide by.

The sterling actor has been part of films which are food for thought and often puts out questions about our beliefs, we need to delve into.

During an exclusive conversation with SheThePeople about how patriarchy has its roots in our homes. On her birthday, let’s revisit the time when Ratna Pathak Shah dropped some truth bombs on the social system.

Here’s what Ratna Pathak Shah had to say:

Patriarchy begins at home?

“The home is the nursery, I feel, of patriarchy.”

Woman’s role in the system

“Women are, of course, the gatekeepers of this institution, and definitely, the ones who socialise their children into accepting the norms of patriarchy that otherwise are just so downright…impossible to accept.”

Woman is a hunting dog of patriarchy

“A woman has been made to become a woman’s worst enemy because she is the one who socialises within the family. She is the one who is laying down all the horrible laws. They’re not laws she has made. They are laws which she has been told to enforce.”

Patriarchy and men

“Patriarchy has been absolutely devastating for men.”

Passing on patriarchal norms

“We were told our grandmother cried when my sister was born. Completely unnecessary. I mean, even if it did happen, no need to pass it on na? No need to tell the rest of us about it.”


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5 Times Ratna Pathak Shah Dropped Truth Bombs On Patriarchy
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