This Women's Day, We Break The Long-Standing Debate Of 'What Women Want'

Modern women want a healthy and balanced relationship with the opportunity to grow. Here are some of the bare minimum things that women want which men often term 'difficult.'

Avishka Tandon
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It is believed that women are the most unpredictable and hard-to-please creatures in the face of mankind. One second they want flowers, the very next they don't and have many such mood swings that confuse men. So if you too are confused as to what women actually want, here's some guidance for you.

Women are considered difficult by men as they often have unrealistic expectations of them. Men expect them to have a simple and conventional approach to ideas instead of complicating their relationship with 'fancy' ideas of equality and feminism. Men are always confused as to why should they change their patriarchal behaviour just because a woman says she wants to lead an independent life. It is difficult to understand modern, woke women but we have got here the ultimate cheat sheet to the heart of a ">feminist woman.

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What Women Want: A Guide To A Woman's Heart

Time, Space And Value


This is such a difficult concept because when men don't give women time, they don't feel loved, when they keep track of their every activity and give them attention, they complain they don't have space and when men ignore them calling them difficult to deal with, they suddenly realise they are not getting valued. Modern women want a healthy and balanced relationship with the opportunity to grow together. If men don't agree with such 'unrealistic' ideas, there is a better way of giving women ample time, space and value, just walking out of their life. Let them contemplate leaving you for a healthy and happy life.

The Flower Debate

They want flowers but they don't want to ask for them because if they do, then you would buy them flowers because they said so. Getting the right flowers at the right time can melt any woman. On a side note, getting flowers on random occasions “just because this reminded me of you,” is such a pure, unpredictable sentiment. Trust me this would overshadow any major events or big arguments.

Dressing Up For Themselves

When women dress up nice and look flawless while going out, men assume this is to grab the attention of other men and make them jealous. Let us clarify, women love dressing up and it brings them immense happiness. Anyways, all women want is to not be judged for what they wear and respect from men, not their gazes and stares. Impractical, no? This is what patriarchy aims at, eradicating women's unrealistic expectations from men and making them abide by the rules.

No: The Brahmastra


A no means no and all women want is to take a 'no' as a 'no' and not 'yes' or 'maybe'. Feminists also call it their brahmastra out of any uncomfortable or unsafe situation. The funny part is that a society that has always been told, "Ladki hi na mein haan hoti hai" is expected to take a 'no' as a 'no'. Why do men perceive it that saying no only makes women more 'desirable'? Men need to understand that consent is the ultimate key to a woman's heart, whether is at a bar, at a gathering, in a private discussion or in bed. If men can't understand a simple no, it surely seems like their problem.

Prioritising Their Mental Health

For women, mental peace is their first priority these days. Modern feminist women don't tolerate violence and humiliation silently. They can't sit back at home crying over men, they have started questioning the gullible nature of their previous generation. Women want men to treat them right, they are ready to fight back against their ego and toxic masculinity.

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