More Trouble In Monarchy? What Should You Look Forward To In Crown Season 5?

the crown season 5 review
The Crown has portrayed the life of Elizabeth II from the time she got married, eventually becoming the Queen of England and through its four seasons, several aspects of her monarchy have been shown. Elizabeth II has received glorification and sympathy in many ways through this portrayal. Now that she passed away a few months back and this season is supposed to show the rise of Diana’s character, a lot of turns and twists are expected from the finale.

Former queen Elizabeth II’s death had seen the world be divided in two, some celebrating it while others mourned. Many criticised the people who created and shared memes and took the occurrence lightly. Her death can be perceived in different ways based on a person’s origin because Elizabeth II is first the representative of her royal family’s history. It is not unknown to the world how the British ruled over several countries and still have colonies around the world. So the countries that come under of the brutal history of oppression by the British should be expected not to feel for the queen as the citizens of her own country. On one hand, it is not morally correct to disrespect someone’s death and on the other hand, a family with blood in their hands shouldn’t be glorified through media either.

What To Expect From Crown s5?

The first two seasons of the show had Claire Foy playing the character of the queen as she rose from being just a daughter to the queen of the country when her father George VI passed away suddenly. The third and fourth seasons showed an older version of queen when she was mid-aged, played by Olivia Coleman and this time she matured emotionally and her diplomatic self was portrayed. Very important historical events have been covered throughout these four seasons, starting with Winston Churchill as the queen’s Prime Minister to Margaret Thatcher.

The show has spoken about commonwealth countries as a part of the queen’s job to acknowledge their existence once in a while. The makers of the show have time and again tried to sympathise with her character as a woman who was made to be the queen and made a lot of mistakes and learnt from them eventually. But the fact that she made no change to colonised countries in order to set them free or at least apologise for her ancestors’ cruel history was never talked about in the show. Now that the queen has passed away and the monarchy continues with her son, King Charles III even in the year 2022, one of the most prominent countries of the world is still celebrating an age-old structure of governance and the royals benefitting from the common people shouldn’t be glorified any further with a show like The Crown.

In the fourth season, the show introduced Princess Diana’s character and how she was wronged by her husband Charles. The show hasn’t taken the side of the royals while showing how badly Diana was treated by the family. Diana’s life and her death are not unknown to the world and there are uncountable conspiracy theories about her death. So the viewers of the show are eager to watch how they address it here but unfortunately, the reports say that they will not be showing the Paris car crash of 1997.

Crown Season 5 Trailer Builds More Expectations

The trailer of season five of the show reveals a new set of actors in key roles as they old grow older. They show the royal family to be in crisis for most of it, facing the wrath of the media more than ever because of Diana and the growth of her character from being a meek presence in their lives to becoming the queen of people’s hearts and drawing media attention and revealing about her broken marriage. The queen back in the last season had advised her to stay silent and tried to not help as much as possible. Diana’s rise and the reaction of the family are what make the viewers look forward to this season.

The show has been a great watch so far but their storytelling is quite lengthy and slow-paced compared to the other contemporary shows which might also be a reflection of the time portrayed here in the show. Season five of the show will be released tomorrow, November 9, 2022.

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