How Indian Brides Are Finally Putting Their Foot Down

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Indian weddings. What a minefield of experiences. Experiences, that have for decades only been a territorial right for the groom and his family because the bride and her family are occupied with bowing to social norms instead of merrily partaking in a ceremony that is equally made for both. Not anymore. Situations aren’t the same nor are the age-old notions of how ceremonies are carried out. The bride doesn’t just sit and obey whatever is happening around her, she is aware, opinionated and, most importantly, in charge. Brides are expressing how they feel and, in some cases, putting their foot down if disrespected rebuked or taken for granted.

In a recent wedding reception that was taking place in Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal, a bride walked away from the ceremony after the groom kissed her without her consent in front of three hundred people at the venue.

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UP Bride Cancels Wedding After Groom Kisses Her In Public

As per reports, the incident occurred in Sambhal, a small town in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The couple got married on November 26 at the 2022 UP Samuhik Vivah Yojana 2022. Their wedding reception was held on November 28 in Pavasa village, where the situation arose. The couple was sitting on the stage greeting the guests when suddenly the groom kissed the bride to her astonishment. There were about three hundred guests present at the venue when the incident happened. The bride was taken aback after her spouse kissed her and she immediately got off the stage and went to her room.

While the family members tried pacifying her into returning to the stage, she was adamant about not going back and instead decided to go to the police station to file a complaint. She reached the police station and filed a complaint stating that she did not want to live with a man like him. She stated her reasons saying that she wants to return to her parental home because she did not like the man’s behaviour and condemned the act. Adding how if a man can do something like this in front of three hundred people, what is the scope that he would improve?

The groom, however, refused the claims recalling that the act was a part of the bet between him and his bride. He shared how the bet was whether he could kiss his bride in public, which he did. However, when the station in charge questioned the bride about this, she refused and said her spouse was making it up to escape. After a long discussion, both parties agreed that the couple would not stay together thereon. The police suggested that the duo should part ways.

The takeaway from the entire incident speaks volumes about the entitlement that the man held over his spouse, who was clearly unsettled with the centre act. So what if they’re married? Does marriage give the licence to behave in a manner where one partner feels uncomfortable? Women standing up to how they feel and taking decisions that make them feel liberated and not caged is a reality not everyone is happy with. But that’s how it is now. That’s how it should have been for decades. Brides are no longer succumbing to social norms where they’re sitting aside in silence, they’re taking charge and even putting their foot down in circumstances where they or their families feel disrespected and violated.

“The issue here is not about what the bride did, she did what she felt was right for her. The problem is deeper which screams that society will only find it the bride’s fault for overreacting.”

For making a scene. For not thinking with a cooler mind. That’s what generally happens, if women make tough decisions solely on their own which are uncomfortable for others, they’re usually considered hotheads and irrational. But guess what, a bride doesn’t care now. She is choosing to get married because she’s looking forward to a life with her partners, she’s dancing at her wedding because she is elated and wants to have fun, and she’s doing away from traditions that demean her family because she wants to shatter patriarchal norms.

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