TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ Kamala Harris Remembers Her Mother Shyamala Gopalan

Kamala Harris Remembers Shyamala Gopalan

Till 2020, the United States never had a Vice President who was Black, Woman and a person of Asia-American descent. Kamala Harris is the first woman to win the coveted vice-presidential ticket. And the significance of ceilings that she has broken is not lost on the world. In a first, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have jointly been named TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’. This is the first time that TIME has featured a Vice-President-elect on their cover.

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Harris in her interview for TIME’s Person of The Year said, “And that’s about legacy, that’s about creating a pathway, that’s about leaving the door more open than it was when you walked in.”

What is endearing about Kamala Harris is how she keeps drawing inspiration from her mother Shyamala Gopalan. As we all know she often told her, “Kamala, you may be the first to do many things; make sure you’re not the last.”

While speaking to TIME Harris yet again mentioned how her mother would be “very proud,” to Senior journalist Charlotte Alter, when asked what Gopalan would say as her daughter prepares to take the oath of office. Kamala added, “And she would be very focused on the issues of the day and knowing that I would take seriously the responsibility that I have and will have to address those issues.”

As Harris had said, this US Presidential election was different, because the call this time was regardless of “your race, your ethnicity, the language your grandmother speaks, let’s move forward knowing that the vast majority of us have more in common than what separates us.”

Harris in her victory speech had said, “When she came here from India at the age of 19, she maybe didn’t quite imagine this moment, But she believed so deeply in an America where a moment like this is possible.” This shows how deeply inspired and influenced the Vice-President-elect is by her cancer researcher single mother.

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Harris and her family have faced racial inequities, in President-elect Biden’s words, “She has been on the other side of prejudice.” As Harris assumes office we hope she will bring on the lived experiences of all the identities she encompasses and work towards achieving a more equal world, with a belief and commitment that her mother instilled in her.

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