This Diwali Start A Self Love Journey: You Are Deserving!

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Start A Self Love Journey: This is for you if you have never really felt worthy of love and happiness. This is for you if you do not understand just how to love yourself. If you are bewildered and don’t understand how you fit into this judgmental, disorderly world, I am writing this for you.

You are precisely as you are meant to be. You are not a mistake. You are not damaged.

You are, my love – you are more than sufficient. You are worthy of your every desire, dream and wish. The world is wrong for trying to clip your wings and cage you in a definite category, an acceptable formula in whatever these societal norms need. You are right. They are lost.

You deserve your own love and approval more than any person. Like many of us, you probably spread it out to everyone around you and absolutely left nothing back for yourself. When your efforts weren’t reciprocated, you were hurt. You were taught that you had to gain love, that you needed to offer yourself away to be worthy of anything. That’s not real. You got to be self-seeking with your love– actually, it’s required for your survival in this predative globe. Love yourself first. Count on yourself. Set boundaries and limits around yourself, even though it feels scary. In the long run, those that aren’t meant for you will leave. It will hurt; however, you have to create room to allow the best one in.

You were taught that you had to gain love, that you needed to offer yourself away to be worthy of anything. That’s not real.

For sure, They will come. You reveal your true spirit to the world, and the right people will retract, attracted to your magnetism. Drawn to the special being that you are, the bravery and fact that you stand for. When you stand in your authenticity, your loved ones show up. Until you muster the courage to do so, you’ll constantly seem like you do not fit in because you attract the wrong people – People who thrive on your generosity and kindness. People that take you for granted and usurp your priceless power. It depends on you to stop the eternal loop, compromise no more, and promise yourself that you deserve better.

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You deserve love. How could you not earn it when you symbolize it? We are all beings of light and stability that have just lost our way on this trip of humanity. Our task is to reclaim our power back. Our aim is to unlearn all the conditioning we have been subjected to and fill the wounds of our lifetimes.

Do not pay heed to the world. You have listened to it all along – has it done you any good? The earlier you listen to what you want and need, the easier it is to discard what others assume. You can not live your life for other people while they go on living for themselves. You will certainly never win that battle. In the long run, you’ll be entrusted with nothing, and also, they’ll blame you for all the damages. They aren’t wrong – we are accountable for our choices. Stop abandoning yourself. Do whatever you require to return to the origin of your real spirit, your true intrinsic nature.

You can be the light of hope that you are looking for. Everything you need is within you.

I once did not believe that, too. I loathed myself and looked for others to heal my wounds. I felt like a never-ending void of sadness every once in a while, and I could not resolve my worries. I did not address it because I was endlessly, frantically trying to find answers outside of myself. They never lived there, so I never discovered them. I needed to heal myself. That was the perpetual solution.

I’ll tell you once more: You are worthwhile. If you exist right here on this planet, you are implied to be here. I am right here to tell you that you are loved, precious, and deserve everything you want. You belong.

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