25 Taunts By Desi Relatives You Should Ignore (For Your Own Sanity)

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Taunts by relatives trail you through life as closely and consistently as your shadow does. At home, on phones, at weddings, in your dreams – their caustic remarks never cease to follow you around. Closely snooping on every move you make, judging every step and misstep basis their own tight parameters of morality.

By virtue of being associated with you by blood (actually, even when they are not), desi relatives deem poking their noses into your private affairs their entitled right and social responsibility. After all, with them not standing around with a stick to keep a check on you, how will you – an individual, free-thinking woman – ever find the right roads in life, right?

Wrong. Women have gone far past the need for any sanskaar policing bound by terms and conditions purged up by patriarchal hierarchies. We never did need such policing, but its redundancy takes on a newer, more significant meaning as 21st century women strive towards equality with bigger strides.

So you do you. Relatives will talk with or without. And really, will there always be patience to tackle them down with logical reasoning? Sometimes, it’s best to give their false moralities the cold shoulder.

These Taunts By Relatives Are Best To Go In One Ear, Out The Other:

1. Arey, 30 and still not married?

2. Healthy ho gaye ho, haina?

3. Lose some weight, features ubhar ke aayenge. 

4. Can’t cook? Our daughter toh knows how to make chai, roti, everything.

5. Why do a job? Just get a well-earning husband.

6. If you’re a woman, you will have to adjust in a relationship.

7. Don’t neglect your kitchen ‘duties’ for office work.

8. Hamare ghar ki ladkiyaan…

9. Arranged marriage is best. What is all this new-age love marriage nonsense?

10. Your red lipstick is making you look so bold.

11. Why are you wearing jeans at a family function?

12. I’m keeping an eye on you and all the boys you keep meeting.

13. Science is not a subject for girls. Take arts.

14. Your lehenga blouse is too deep! See, so many people are staring.

15. Don’t want kids means what? What else will you do with your uterus?

16. What feminism feminism feminism? Don’t you have enough rights already?

17. Don’t argue with your elders. Tumse zyada duniya dekhi hai. 

18. You have to be religious if you’re part of the family.

19. Going out in short clothes at night – definition of characterless.

20. Let us decide for you; it’s not your place to be making decisions of the house.

21. You have become over-independent after studying abroad.

22. Solo trip? Dal mein kuch kaala hai… 

23. Fever hai so what? If husband asks for tea, you will have to serve.

24. Let your husband manage the household’s finances.

25. Why are you single? System mein kuch gadbad hai kya?