Why Do Female Artists Still Have To Get Approvals From Men While Making Music?

The struggles of female music artists around the world remain constant even when the world around them is striving hard to become an inclusive space.

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struggles of female music artists
The struggles of female music artists around the world remain constant even when the world around them is striving hard to become an inclusive space. While there are lesser societal stereotypes and family rejections, there still exists male dominance in the industry which keeps the voice of women at the backend.

Female music artists in India and around the world are an inspiration for everyone as they make a way for themselves and establish their roots. They have come a long from when the families didn't allow females to join the music industry and had to quit due to pressure. However, while today they freely choose the musical path, the hurdles during the journey remain the same. They have to work in a male-led dominated industry where each move is scrutinised.

Many female artists are often sidelined from due credits, others find it difficult to even make it through the agreement stage. There is always a series of men who monitor and criticise their work and decide for them what music they should make and when should they make it. Women still do not enjoy the liberty and freedom to choose their own music and release it in the way that they want which is keeping them from pursuing music from their whole hearts.

Struggles Of Female Music Artists In A Male Dominated Industry

Indian-American rapper, singer and songwriter Raja Kumari, who is also the founder of her independent label Godmother Records said in a SheThePeople interview how her work earlier had to be approved by a string of men. She talked about being in the industry for seven years and being told what she needed to do instead of creating music that her heart wanted

"It was a string of men. It was like the head of the India label has to accept, now the International has to accept, now they have to think it's a good song. Then after they accept and give the release date, you have to keep it to their liking and refrain from making any changes to the songs so that they actually put the promotion money on it as they said they would. And you know, there's been so many broken promises along the way and so many people that had such an opinion on what song I should release and every time that I've done what I wanted to do, it has panned out in a way that maybe isn't numbers, but an impact"

Similar judgement is experienced by even the most established female music artists in a way to remind them that they are not here to do what they like. These forced decisions not only stagnant the growth of an artist but also lead to emotional and mental trauma by suppressing their feeling and emotions. We don't need that kind of toxic behaviour in the music industry. It is the time for women to lead from the front and the core. It is required that they are given an important place in the music industry's backbone, behind the scene work and music labels' decisions so that they get the opportunity to create the music they want to.


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