Women Reveal 6 Things They Want To Have But Can’t Because They Are Too Masculine

Stereotypically Masculine Things, Gender pocket gap in fashion industry
There are so many things women can’t have because they are “too masculine” for them. These women on Reddit revealed how they can’t have stereotypically masculine things they want on account of their femininity.

Somehow blue is “too masculine” for women and they should rather wear “pink” since it makes them look feminine. Go to a apparel store and you can’t even find good fabric blue in the women’s section. Wonder why girls choose t-shirts from the men’s section? It is because the fabric in men’s section is so much better than the one used for women’s clothes. It does not tear easily, and they have a wide range of colours too. From good quality clothes to traditional toys for male kids, there are so many stereotypically masculine things that all women wish to have yet are hesitant to get because of the gender barriers and roles constructed by the society.

In a Reddit thread, women of Reddit revealed things they want to have but can’t get because they are considered “masculine” things.

Stereotypically Masculine Things: Most women want to get these 6 things:

Bigger Pockets

The possible reason of reducing the length of pockets in women’s clothing was to promote the sale of purses and female bags. But why won’t we need pockets? We do need to put stuff in something which is more handy than bags. “My freaking phone doesn’t fit my barbie size pockets,” a woman on Reddit wrote.

Equal pay for equal work

This practice is so discriminatory, sexist and problematic on so many levels. Why is it that women are paid a much lesser for the equal amount of work that they do? If we truly believe in the equality between men and women, there should be equal pay for equal work to credit both genders for the amount of work they put in. It’s high time women be adequately recognised for their hard work.

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Women aren’t discussing money enough and that needs to change.

Cars And Video Games

Why can’t girls play with cars? What is so fundamentally wrong about a girl liking video games or playing sports? Why would it make her masculine? There are no instructions about a person’s gender in any game.


It is so observational that men generally receive more respect than women simply on the account of their male dominance. You ask for bill, the waiter will always bring it to the man automatically. You’re in a meeting, it is most likely that the male counterpart will be greeted first. It can be easily said that respect, just like other tangible things, is a stereotypically masculine thing.

Right over Their bodies

We do need the right to medical autonomy and reproductive health. With the long debate over abortion rights, it is quite clear that even the right over our own bodies has been endangered too now.

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To be left alone

With all due respect, we want to be left alone. No stalkers, or abusers or cat-callers. We want to live a life on our own terms without the fear of being attacked or teased with which we struggle each moment of our day.