Society Frowns Upon Heterosexual Couples If The Man Is Shorter Than Partner, Why?

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Short male partners have always been scrutinised by society and in a way, being shorter than your female counterpart is considered unusual when it is absolutely normal. Why does society find it necessary for the male partners to be taller?

The age gap and height gap in a heterosexual relationship have always been a topic of discussion. We have seen how society does not seem to digest the fact that a woman is marrying a man younger than her. No doubt or scrutiny arises when it is the other way round. In a similar way, society also finds it strange that a man is shorter than his partner.

Conventionally, a heterosexual couple is seen as cute and romantic in the event that the man is much taller than the woman. However, in relationships where the woman is taller, it seems to become inappropriate and strange. The age-old practice of a man marrying a woman shorter than he has been prevalent in society. Tall women are constantly told that they wouldn’t get married which severely hurt their self-esteem and short men were meted out the same treatment. How society manages and justifies the hypocrisy is astounding!

Why Are Short Male Partners And Tall Female Partners Not Normal?

Society has long lived in and promoted a world of male dominance and has done everything thing to establish it. Men were always expected to look and act tough in order to be dominant. A similar reason is added to the aspect of the height of the partner. A taller man is considered dominant than a shorter one.

Apart from that, we have also seen people claiming that short male partners develop an inferiority complex when they compare themselves with their partners. Short height is considered a major reason for low self-confidence and comparison from wives is just too humiliating and unacceptable to them that further fuels their frustration and eventually hampers the relationship.

Hence, for a very long time, tall women have lived a life of ignorance and trouble. People tell them they won’t be able to find a guy of their height as if settling with short male partners is not even a choice. In early times, during marriages, the groom’s side used to ask for extra dowry if the bride was taller than the groom; the attitude implied that being taller than the man was a sin almost.

Discrimination over the height perpetrates the absurd mentality. It is seen that young boys are teased for being short and young girls are teased for being taller. Such an atmosphere leads to them developing an inferiority complex and a baseless contempt for the taller people of the opposite sex. They take everything as humiliation when it comes from a tall or short person.

It is important to cultivate the right mindset among children from a very young age so that they know that height differences don’t determine the level of confidence and calibre of a person. The height difference does not matter if the thoughts and feelings of two people match. And there is nothing to feel inferior about between partners.

If a partner makes you feel that way, the problem then lies with them, not you. A good partner accepts and cherishes their partner the way they are and it’s time that we promote such thoughts and stop judging short male partners or tall female partners.

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