Why do you need to work?- 23 Sexist Statements That Women Hear Everyday

Should women even be expected to ignore point-blank statements and actions targeted at them? Don’t women have the right to question patriarchal mindsets adding footnotes to their lives?

Rudrani Gupta
Nov 08, 2021 04:36 IST
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If you want a career, you are 'too smart' to find a boy to marry. If you have ambitions, then society says, ladki haath se nikal gayi hai meaning she is out of control. Men, at times other women, society have an opinion on everything a girl or a woman does or wants. Everyday comments are either loaded with patriarchy or veiled in demeaning comments. 


It is high time that women stop ignoring, start listening and questioning such comments around them. So here are 23 sexist statements that a woman gets to hear every day that should raise your eyebrows.

1.Why do you want to study? You have to get married and cook in the kitchen later on

2. Why do you have to pursue masters? Higher education is for men because they have to work


3. Why do you need to work? Let earning be your husband’s or father’s responsibility. You stay at home and help your mother

4. You don’t know cooking? How will you serve food to your &t=204s">in-laws and husbands?

5. You are so unsanskari. We are definitely going to get a call from in-laws to complain that our daughter knows nothing. Do you not care about our reputation?


6. Why do want to go on a solo trip or a trip with friends? Do we (parents) not take you anywhere?

7. Don’t wear short clothes. Cover your body completely. Showing body is against society’s and religion’s rules

8. Wear short clothes but only at home. Don’t wear shorts in front of men in the house


9. You should know to cook not only for yourself but for the entire family. While it is awesome if men can cook for themselves

10. You are a woman. You should not argue or be angry. Your duty is to listen and act.

11. Don’t talk about periods in front of men in the house. It is shameful.


12. Don’t ask your father, brother or husband to buy pads for you. Do you even know how shameful they will feel?

13. It is your duty to wash and buy the undergarments of your husband. Nothing shameful in that. If you don’t take care of them then who will?

14. Husband is parmeshwar. Always respect him even if he is wrong.


15. Why do you need to go to a doctor? It is just a small discomfort. Stop overreacting. We need to save money for our son’s health and education.

16. After marriage, girls become paraya. They cannot stay at their parents’ house.

17. Divorce is a bad thing. Once married, a woman must learn to adjust.


18. Sex and relationship before marriage are wrong. It stains the character of a woman. But it is okay for men to do so because men are men

19. As a woman, you must be interested in puja. You have the responsibility to protect the family from god’s wrath. It is okay for men to not believe in god.

20. Women hear this every other day. Sexual harassment is normal in a woman’s life. Don’t make it an issue by speaking about it or questioning the perpetrator.

21. Respect men even if they have harassed you. Kyunki woh bade hai

22. Women should not handle money. They will lose all of them in shopping.

23. Women should not be drivers. They cannot drive as well as men.


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