Why Sanket Bhosale’s Latest “Shaadi Ke Baad” Instagram Reel Is Not Cute But Toxic

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Sanket Bhosale Instagram Reel: On April 26, actor-comedian Sanket Bhosale married Sugandha Mishra, his co-star from The Kapil Sharma Show.

 Only a few days after they tied the knot, Bhosale shared a reel captioned “shaadi ke baad” on Instagram that appeared “cute and funny” to many of his followers but is in reality it perpetuates stereotypes and therefore is toxic. In the video, we find Mishra holding a coffee mug in her hand and asking her husband if he would like some tea, to which he answers in the affirmative. On being asked further if he would want it to be light or strong, he confirms that he would prefer it to be strong. Mishra then gives him instructions regarding how he could prepare such tea for himself. This leaves him in a state of shock.

To everyone laughing their hearts out on the video, what exactly do you find so funny?

You just proved why we are still unable to overcome casual sexism. The 30-second clip is nothing but an unwanted take on the idea of women being the “care givers”. You must have expected Mishra to rush to the kitchen and make her husband a cup of hot morning tea because that is what every woman is expected to – serve their partners, right? When that didn’t happen, you “pitied” Bhosale for being “trapped” in a marriage where he is expected to put in the same amount of effort as his wife.

We are all well aware of the stereotypes a woman is expected to follow after getting married. She is supposed to wake up early in the morning, prepare tea and the day’s meal together with managing her work. Men, on the other hand, are spared from all such responsibilities. Why should it come as a shock to them if they are asked to do something as simple as preparing tea? Shouldn’t the duties be equally divided between both the husband and the wife because women aren’t designed by default to take care of the entire household?

Bhosale titled his reel as ‘caring wife’.

As Sugandha Mishra instructs her husband to put two spoons of tea leaves and a little milk to make a cup of ‘strong’ tea for himself, she gives us a picture of what an equal marriage should mean. Women don’t get married to follow their husbands’ orders.

Yes, it was a scripted video and we do not know if they divide their responsibilities equally in reality. But Sugandha’s approach hints towards the fact that she is, in all probability, not a woman to assume a subjugated role in a marriage. Rather, she knows exactly how to deal with a man-child. Hence, we can say that she’s the “caring wife” one deserves to have. She is someone who can school men expecting their wives to be on their toes.

Isn’t it time we stop normalising women assuming the role of a superhuman on being married? Shouldn’t we stop glorifying how they can maintain a work-life balance without complaining? These are things women are conditioned to do. As responsible citizens, we must break the cycle instead of continuing it. Under no circumstances should a wife be reduced to a maid whose only job is to “look after” her husband.

Watch the reel here.

The views expressed are the author’s own.