Working Moms Have To Make Tough Calls. But You Do What Needs To Get Done

As working mothers, we have no control of what work and life will throw our way, what we can choose though, is to be kinder to ourselves.

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Sania Mirza Wimbledon: The Indian Tennis star is back to Wimbledon after a hiatus of nearly four years. She made her comeback post motherhood memorable by securing a win in her first match of the tournament. Mirza and her doubles partner Bethanie Mattek-Sands upset sixth-seeded Desirae Krawczyk and Alexa Guarachi at the women's doubles event at Wimbledon in London. And a special spectator cheering for the tennis star during the match- her son Izhaan Mirza Malik.

After securing their place in the second round, Mirza and Mattek-Sands posed for a picture with Izhaan that was shared by the former from her social media handle.


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Wimbledon is just the start for Sania Mirza, she will soon represent India at the Tokyo Olympics. However, her three-year-old son wouldn't be there to cheer for her form the sidelines during the event. Since family members of athletes aren't welcome at the Tokyo Olympics, in an attempt to reduce the risk of COVID-19, Mirza will have to partake in the Games, leaving Izhaan in care of his father and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

As a working mom, I still remember the first time I left my child in the care of her father and grandparents for a work trip. My trip just lasted a day, but the moment when I had to leave home, it felt like my heart was being torn into pieces. It mustn't have been an easy decision for Mirza either.

Elaborating on her decision, Mirza said, "We are in difficult times and we have to make difficult decisions," also adding that she never had any doubts about going to the Olympics. "I was very sure."


As working mothers, sometimes you have to do it: Sania Mirza on leaving her son behind to represent India at the 2021 Olympics.

All working mothers would approve of Mirza's statement. On some days we have to make difficult choices. Choices that can swing anyways. Choices that will break our hearts or backfire on us- both personally and professionally. And mind you, all mums, with a strong support system in place and otherwise, have to make these choices. You miss out on important milestones, you may miss out on school events and PTMs. You may have to decide whether or not to board a flight when your kid comes down with a fever last minute.

On some days you chose childcare over professional commitments, on other days, you chose work. None of these choices are easy and no matter what you choose, you'll always be in two minds. As working mothers, we have no control over what work and life will throw at us, what we can choose though, is to be kinder to ourselves. Let us not beat up ourselves for making a tough choice. Instead, pat your back for having the guts to make a choice and facing its consequences. Kids will grow up and eventually understand why mommy did, what she did. But in that moment, when you make a tough call, tell yourself - I did what I had to.

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