30 Tweets Every Desi Woman Under 30 Will Relate To

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Despite differences in the way we do our hair or choose our jobs or enjoy our food, there are some common experiences that bind us, Indian women, together in a sisterhood of silent solidarity. Below the age of 30, we’re all collectively rolling our eyes and struggling to deal with pressures to marry, to follow social convention, to make chai, to be the ‘good girls’ society wants us to be. Thanks to the internet, we have a place to share our woes with each other.

Twitter is loaded with gems that desi women far and wide will recognise as daily experiences. Here are some relatable tweets for us to laugh and cry together about. Cheers to us!

1. Desi women who know desi men know what to expect in marriage

2. They don’t know what it’s called, but they’re pros at gaslighting

3. Is there an award for being an all-rounder, overachieving woman? Or just being a woman?

4. A drinking game to make the next family dinner bearable 

5. When women, single or married, are made to feel incomplete without motherhood

6. Desi girls sisterhood supremacy! 

7. The pandemic’s social distancing protocol is honestly a blessing at this point

8. Men in Indian households recognised for the bare minimum. Hypocrisy much?

9. Is a family gathering complete without at least one uncle reading out a wife WhatsApp joke?

10. Come on, above 20 and not being asked about marriage? That sounds suspicious 

11. Hope India is preparing itself for generations of empowered women to come  

12. “Pets have better lives than brown girls.” That should be on a t-shirt

13. The (conditioned) feminine urge to adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards…

14. Having a boyfriend in a desi household is an extreme sport girls could bring the Olympic home in

15. What we want at weddings is a Bollywood-style meet-cute but what we get is this… 

16. Women make relationship mistakes in their 20s and society makes sure they regret it forever

17. Which Indian man would stand up to his family to defend his wife? 

18. More of sex education, less of slut-shaming in schools, please

19. ‘Oh, to be a cow on an Indian street’ – every Indian woman ever

20. Eldest daughter, substitute mother, dignity carrier – a multitasker she is

21. You’re on red alert to sense a stranger’s hand coming close to grope

22. Karwa Chauth for some is a celebration. For many others…

23. Thank you to those unknown desi men in our DMs for daily affirmations! 

24. Not just online, but on the streets, in families, at offices, in friend groups

25. Because this is the only ‘space’ most women in STEM seem to be getting  

26. I have many thoughts about this too, read here

27. Yes boys, believe it or not, inner beauty is important

28. Tell a young girl in your life today to stop giving a shit about what society says

29. Financial independence FTW! Here’s why it’s important for all women

30. And people say women aren’t strong… 

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