Tired Of Your Geet In Shimla Phase? Here's How To Get Over It With Or Without Aditya

Was Geet ever expecting Aditya to save her from her Shimla phase? No, right. So is it really necessary to hold out hope that Aditya will appear and help you get through a difficult time?

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The latest trend making the rounds on social media is "Get in Shimla Wala Phase." If you have seen Jab We Met, you may already know what this phrase means, but if not, it refers to the period after a person has experienced heartbreak, much like the movie's protagonist Geet.

The protagonist, Geet, was at this point after the love of her life Anshuman, causing her to flee from her loved ones and run to him (yes, she really just did that). She then begins living alone in Shimla after getting her heart broken. It should be mentioned, though, that she had fully turned into a different person. Those who have seen the movie will now be able to recognise the significant contrast between the character's emotional state before and after her breakup. For those who have not seen it, a brief is provided below.

Things Women Should Not Compromise Now, after almost 16 years of release, netizens have made it into an actual phrase that refers to the phase after a heartbreak, what is today considered a "breakup." Let's just call it a breakup, and since we all know how a breakup leaves the individual utterly in a trance, unable to decide what to do, unable to decide whom to trust again, and wanting no more drama in their life, and in Geet's case, she changed from being very outgoing to being quiet; from being cheerful to being teary-eyed; from getting caught up in everyone else's drama to prioritising practicality over everything else.

quiet quit relationships

Even if this is merely a fictional character in a movie, we are all aware that this stage can be very difficult and mentally draining for anyone, regardless of gender. In order to avoid these feelings and not feel deprived of feeling loved, the individual may feel the impulse to quickly fill the void in their life. Or their good fortune may swiftly connect them with a more deserving partner to put a stop to their heartache phase.

In contrast, another person may feel the impulse to avoid dating anyone out of concern that they will experience the same heartbreak-related grief and end up living alone, as Geet did. Geet, who was living alone in Shimla, was living a life in which she was responsible for her own finances, meals, laundry, and other household duties. The movie depicts her as miserable as a result of her heartbreak, and all she did in Shimla was not who she really was. Finally, Geet's "main man", Aditya, intervened to save her from that period, helping her in her own healing and return to her own self.

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This trend further claims that everyone who is going through their "Geet in Shimla Phase" is waiting for Aditya to enter their lives so that this stage can end and they can finally discover who their true self is. But the issue that needs to be asked here is: Was Geet ever expecting Aditya to save her from her Shimla phase? No, right. So is it really necessary to hold out hope that Aditya will appear and help you get through a difficult time? Also, would Geet never be content with her life on her own if Aditya had not arrived?

Do We Really Need An Aditya To Heal from Heartbreak?

Before we find out the answer, the majority of us will agree that a large portion of us have found this social media trend to be rather relatable. This may be because about half of us have been experiencing this so-called phase for quite some time. But is this the only way to move out of a difficult phase or to heal, believing that only Aditya can save you now?

Want To Recover From A Breakup?

Recovering from a breakup is a highly individual process, and what works for one person may not work for another. While some individuals may find comfort and healing with a new partner, it is not a requirement or the only path to recovery. Ultimately, recovering from a breakup is a unique journey for each individual. It's important to note that while having someone to support you during a breakup can be beneficial, it's also possible to recover on your own. While some people may find solace and healing in the company of a new partner, it is not a requirement.

Taking time to reflect on your own needs, desires, and personal growth can be an empowering and transformative experience. Additionally, building a strong foundation of self-love and self-awareness can contribute significantly to your overall well-being and recovery. Moreover, there's always family and friends who can support you in recovering and finding your true self.

And if you look around, there will be people around you who, after a heartbreak, experience contrasting feelings about living alone. They enjoy their own company, yet on other days, they yearn for someone's presence. Although they appreciate the absence of many external voices around them, there is an inner voice that occasionally craves the existence of another person—a presence that can contribute to their serenity. However, before this individual arrives, give yourselves some time and space to find closure and get healed at your own pace.

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