Eight Reasons Why Women Must Stop Apologising

Women are by far a very apologetic gender and this clearly has not helped in empowering us. So stop apologising.

Malavika MS
Nov 30, 2020 15:02 IST
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It is understood that women are the embodiment of lovehumility, and compassion - all traits that have come to be entirely associated with “femininity.” This sacrificial nature that women are expected to adopt is handed down in families, from a grandmother to the mother to the daughter. “Let it go beta, women have to learn to adjust.” Hence we find women apologising way too many times for no relevant rhyme or reason. We “let go” much too often, no matter how much it takes a toll on our esteem or belief systems. But don’t we rarely come across men saying sorry? Is it because men don’t have the opportunity to apologise for they are always right? Or are far more confident than women? No, it is because the social conditioning is such, that women are made to don an apologetic stance.


Here are some reasons why women must stop apologising.

Sorry girls, but please stop saying sorry!

1. Society tends to look down on women. One important reason is our apologetic nature. If we keep saying sorry multiple times in a conversation, we may seem like a submissive character. People will only consider you inferior however successful you become.

2. Sometimes, we find women using sorry as an act of revolt to some uncanny situations. Remember that sorry is only a weapon of defence and what women need to wield these days is a weapon of attack.

3. While being the perfect face of society, women tend to use sorry to escape certain social tensions. Especially at the workplace and home where we take the high road by apologising rather than facing the situation. Instead, empower yourself and gather up the courage to say a simple 'no' if you are being forced into something.

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4. You will likely hear someone apologising to you if you are saying sorry all the time. People will just wait for you to take up the responsibility and apologise even if they are at fault.

5. Never assume that saying sorry is the only way to be polite and humble. Using excuse me, pardon me instead of sorry can make you sound polite and respectful too. If you are only a little late to arrive at someplace, refrain from saying sorry and instead say thank you for waiting for me. Acknowledging is better than apologising.

6. Language can define someone's personality. If you are an apologetic character, then your chances of getting promoted or successful are meagre. Since people are looking for confident, daring employees and not someone who says sorry all the time.

7. Though to be able to say sorry is a very invaluable trait, it is significant that it should be used only at an appropriate time. Women need not apologise for wearing the clothes of your choice, for not marrying someone your family chose for you, or for standing up for yourself

8. Tendency to apologise can set you back in your career. You must believe in your actions so deeply for others to believe in you too. Mistakes can happen. But if you do not learn and face your troubles but only be apologetic you are not making a good impression on others.

So tell your daughter, sister, mother, or friend to fight if you find something wrong and to stop accepting and apologising if you are not guilty.

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