Rajasthan Minister’s Peculiar Understanding Of Road Quality Deserves Slow Claps

Rajasthan Minister Katrina Kaif Comment, Rajasthan minister Rajendra Singh Gudha
Rajasthan minister Rajendra Singh Gudha probably did not expect the backlash when he asked the state’s roads to be like Katrina Kaif’s cheeks. There is a chance that the minister had nobody to inform him about the lack of logic in his statement before he decided to say it out loud. Maybe he thought it would be a compliment for the actor.

It is hard to guess Kaif’s reaction to Gudha’s remark but one can easily assume that she does not moisturise her cheeks in the hopes of setting an example for road quality. The backlash against Gudha’s statement was expected since this is not 2005. We are way past the time when such comments were brushed off in the name of ‘jokes’.

The incident makes one recall the time when the then Chief Minister of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav said almost the same thing but it was Hema Malini’s cheeks he went for. Why do politicians make such comments which clearly degrades women that too at public gatherings? Why is it so easy for them to put a foot in their mouth?

Time and again some minister grabs headlines for his distasteful joke often targeting women. And not just them, so many “public figures” have attempted the same thing. When they want to get back at a woman and can’t form logical sentences for rebuttal, they go straight for the women’s character. The sad part is, their comments are hardly met with widespread criticism because there are always people who agree and find such jokes funny. There are always people who agree with that sort of rebuttal. The video of the crowd cheering, clapping and laughing at Gudha’s remark is one great example of that.

Degrading women in the name of some laughs from the crowd seems to like the easiest way to go for politicians. They might stop doing that once they realise that the masses are not such a fan of those remarks. The voters can put a stop to such humour in public if they stop laughing. If they do not encourage. But the question is, how long will that change in mindset take?

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