Katrina Kaif Slams Ranbir Kapoor’s Mansplaining

We all hope that the society is now more familiar with the basics of gender equality. But then comes the arrow from the pop culture world where every now and then someone misses the mark of equality, to shatter that hope. This time it was Ranbir Kapoor mansplaining for Katrina Kaif.

People expressed their emotions by tweeting:

While promoting their movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’, the ex-couple met with DJ Xerxes for MTV Insider’s interview. He asked Katrina about what Jagga and Shruti were like as  characters. And just as she started answering the questions, Ranbir Kapoor unabashedly interrupts her and starts answering on her behalf. Katrina’s frustration was clearly visible. Ranbir Kapoor did not stop talking despite the hints and sarcastic expressions.

Kapoor said that Shruti treated Jagga like a kid who doesn’t know anything. Katrina retorted to this by saying, “And in real life, he treats me like a kid, like I know nothing. You do realise you’re talking about my character while I’m sitting right here?” But rather than taking the not-so-subtle hint, Ranbir justified himself by saying that he is the producer and he wanted to explain things better.

However, there was no room for Katrina to answer and talk because all the space was consumed by Ranbir’s male ego. Katrina then took the higher moral ground and stayed silent throughout. But that did not stop her from emoting. She continued with her eye rolls, her sassy expressions and kept miming Ranbir Kapoor as he went on explaining the characters ‘better’.

DJ Xerxes asked his second last question about what was it like for Kaif to work with Kapoor. “Before, he used to come to the sets thinking we are in this together. Now he comes on the sets to teach me and we just need to understand that we are in his great presence,” came her reply.

Yet, he did not stop there. He cleared his ground by replying, “I just want to… you know… better her in any which way possible as a human being and as an artiste, as an actress, as a star.”

What Katrina Kaif went through is what women experience globally. Men take it upon themselves to explain things for their women, assuming that they won’t be able to do so themselves. Mansplaining has reached such heights that Sweden has launched a hotline number for women to report mansplaining.

Feminism in India reported, “Horror’ may not be the right term for such experiences, but instances where the professional woman’s credibility and value for her opinion are undermined could be perceived as something which affects the woman’s confidence and efficiency.”

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