Preity Zinta And Hrithik Roshan Prove Men And Women Can Also Bond Over Parenting

Preity Zinta And Hrithik Roshan
Similarity breeds friendships. Perhaps that is the reason why once you become a mother you so quickly make friends with other people who are mommies too. Parenting can be a lonely journey and for a new parent, just the feeling that someone else is on the same boat as you are can be a big solace. It is common for mothers to bond and share parenting tips, rise and help one another if the occasion demands, but can men and women also bond because of the shared experience? Preity Zinta And Hrithik Roshan might have answered that question. 

Well, the internet today is talking about this picture shared by Preity Zinta in which she can be seen with co-star Hrithik Roshan along with her brother Deepankar Zinta. The heartwarming caption to the picture shared by the actor reads, “Many people will walk in & out of ur life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart Thank u so much @iHrithik for going out of ur way & helping out with Jai n Gia on such a Long flight. Now I see why u r such an amazing & thoughtful father. I love you the mostest.” The picture is a testimony that true friendships do exist even in the film fraternity it also breaks certain parenting myths. That not just fellow mothers but fathers too can share a tip or two about parenting.

Preity Zinta And Hrithik Roshan

Travelling with kids on long flights is no less than living a nightmare. The new surroundings, too many people, air pressure everything throws them into a tizzy. If you are travelling with a kid on a long flight you could definitely do with some help. For Preity that help came in form of co-passenger and former co-actor Hrithik Roshan. Roshan and Zinta have worked together in films like Koi Mil Gaya, Mission Kashmir and Lakshya. 

Preity Zinta and her husband Gene Goodenough welcomed twins last year in November. The couple chose surrogacy to embrace parenthood. Zinta took to Instagram to reveal the names of their two kids — Jai Zinta Goodenough and Gia Zinta Goodenough. Since then the doting mother has been regularly sharing snippets from their lives. Currently, the actress and businesswoman are making her first trip to India with the twins. And she met her celeb friend on the flight. Roshan who also has two sons helped her out in taking care of the babies during the rather long flight from Los Angeles to India.

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Zinta later commented on the picture saying, “Zinta said, “From hanging out as kids to having kids, I really am proud to see how far we have come and grown together.” So is it possible for men and women to bond over parenting tips?

We think the modern urban Indian man has come a long way in this journey. In today’s world where equal parenting is the need of the hour most often they rise to the occasion to share the responsibility. In this case, Roshan being the more experienced one with parenting decided to help his friend. Such gestures go a long way in creating a dialogue around equal parenting. It may take time for our society to accept it as a norm but till then we need such examples to normalise it.

After all, if it is ok to seek a professional and relationship advise from a person of the opposite sex then why not parenting advise?

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