20 Regressive Things Parents Must Stop Telling Their Daughters

Haw! Do you smoke and drink? How unsanskari you are!

Rudrani Gupta
Nov 18, 2021 16:58 IST
Don't take mom for granted, say no to marriage, Parents-daughter relationship
Daughters in our society are raised not as empowered beings but as burdens. They are forced to conform to certain norms and customs, no matter how regressive they might be, just for the sake of familial reputations (read ghar ki izzat)

Daughters are labelled as the izzat of the family but they are never valued as individuals who have the right to build their own reputation. But it is high time we get rid of these stereotypes and raise better women so that society evolves and doesn't hover around the circle of generational patriarchy. So here are twenty regressive things that parents must stop telling to their daughters

  1. When will you get married? How long will you study

2. Is it important for you to seek higher education? Minimum education is enough for marriage. What else do you need?


3. Why do you need a job? Your father doesn't provide you enough?

4. When your husband is working, why do you need to work? 

5. You need to know how to cook for 10 people at least. How will you serve your family after &t=1120s">marriage?


6. You are a grown-up! You cannot stain bedsheets with period blood. Shame on you!

7. Don't ask your brother or father to bring pads for you. But you must buy their underwear. 

8. A daughter should be interested in puja and decorations not in business, bike riding or tools


9. Take care of the house. Don't seek equal rights on the part of the property. 

10. Wear clothes that cover your body. Don't wear short clothes in front of the men in the house

11. Respect every elder no matter how they treat you.


12. Keep quiet on sexual harassment. Men will be men. It is more important to save the reputation of the family

13. You have been harassed? Who told you to water short clothes or sit near the man? It is all your fault

14. don't expect your parents to support you if the marriage doesn't work out.


15. If you don't cook and clean, we as parents will certainly get a call from future in-laws about how unsanskari you are.

16. Either you should never fall in love or love a person who belongs to a caste higher than you. 

17. Don't express anger. It is unwomanly for women to be aggressive.


18. Stop arguing with your father, brother or elders about politics. It is not your thing. 

19. Don't enter into puja room, kitchen or dining hall if you are menstruating

20. Haw! Do you smoke and drink? How unsanskari you are!

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