Man Claims Women With ‘Big Tummies’ Are Not Virgins: Stop Obsessing Over Virginity

Men's Obsession Over Virginity
Women’s virginity is a matter of honour for alpha males even if it is something they don’t own it. Isn’t it ridiculous for men to make baseless claims regarding virginity and try to normalise it giving bizarre non- scientific backing? Men keep finding ways to maintain the conventional context of virginity in order to control women’s sexuality and reinforce gender norms. A Twitter user shared a screenshot which showed a man finding another way to demean women’s agency over their sexual choices while simultaneously making wild unscientific claims. He just tops the list of being a threat to womenkind.

The user made awful claims that- If a girl doesn’t have a flat stomach, it’s a dead giveaway that she has lost her virginity. He not only made the claim but also supported it with a reason calling it evolution. The little bump on the stomach is the uterus showing, and it appears when a man ejaculates inside her vagina because when the sperm enters her uterus, it will swell so much that it becomes visible through the skin. The user clearly falls in the category of misunderstandings about sexuality. Due to naivetés on sexual health and pleasure, he is spreading such misconceptions about women’s sexuality. Whatever it may be, his theory of evolution and virginity sounds gross and just make him a misogynist. He goes on about evolution but calls pregnant bellies gross, the one where he came from. Never mind he has no gratitude towards it.

Men’s Obsession Over Virginity

One needs to think about why men can’t stop obsessing over women’s virginity. What makes them bearers of sexual morality? Virginity has long been a cultural and societal obsession. Why women’s worth and purity are often tied to their sexual history? It does nothing but just objectify women. In fact, it just makes women answerable to everybody in their private business.

The man doesn’t stop there, he also speaks for other men and tells them to introspect themselves on the matter of virginity. He points out that any man who says they don’t care about whether a girl has a flat stomach or not is lying. They absolutely care. Wanting a girl with a flat stomach doesn’t make us bad or superficial. Even if some guys nowadays try to deny it, a virgin female has always been the ideal mate for a man. The ideal mate for what- having sex. Sex in the first place can never be called pious, how virginity for that matter declares the purity of women. The user is proudly flaunting his fair share of taking virginities but lecturing others on an ideal partner. Who has given him the right to do so? All the men like him why do you feel so entitled to talk about women’s virginity? Men often find pride in their multiple sexual encounters, but stigmatise women having sex. Why so much fuss over virginity? 

Society has made virginity so big that women are constantly made feel inferior and called slut. Women’s worth is attached to their sexual history. They are tagged as faltu for hooking up, every man thinks such women are easily available. The same is not the case for men. Marriage takes it one step ahead, typically most men want a virgin wife. Women have to lie or few with this thought never explore sexual pleasures before marriage. Also, there is this societal pressure to prove one’s virginity. All this causes anxiety, shame, and the internalisation of negative beliefs about sexuality. 

The concept of virginity is already problematic; women are still struggling to deconstruct it. But such an alpha male user spewing such venom is nothing just making it hazardous. The obsession with virginity will do nothing but only strengthen patriarchal values. 

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