Wife Allows Husband To Be With Other Women, While She Cooks And Clean To ‘Strengthen Their Relationship’

Man's Definition Of A Good Wife
The New York Post reported the existence of a couple where the wife was complacent with her husband seeing other women. Her man’s definition of a good wife might have some people balking at it.

Monica Huldt revealed to the New York Post that she lets her husband do as he pleases as his satisfaction is of utmost importance to her. Monica has no objections to her husband sharing physical ties with other women as she’s busy with household chores throughout the day playing the good housewife.

The other women help keep her husband satisfied. Monica’s husband John tells her how to dress and how much makeup to wear. Monica does her bit and looks pretty for her husband at home as ‘no husband wishes to have an ugly fat woman as a wife’.

Monica is busy all day cooking and cleaning for John. Her spouse returns late when she’s done with all her chores. Monica shares that she loves her husband dictating her around as her delivery makes him happy and in turn, makes her happy.

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All That Is Wrong With This Man’s Definition Of A Good Wife

The 37-year-old American, Monica, is every other Indian wife.

Monica might come across as bizarre to some women reading this. However, Indian women are conditioned from a very young age to place others before themselves. They are labelled as selfish and incompetent wives when they are not obedient to their husbands.

If husbands end up cheating then the wives are blamed for not being able to keep their husbands loyal. When women dress up they’re labelled sluts or their loyalties to their husbands are doubted. When women dress down they are blamed for appearing too dull for their husbands.

Unable to fit into the impossible standards that society measures women up to, they start being subservient to their husbands to please them. Patriarchy does not permit some of these women to be working. Therefore, if they displease their husbands they might leave them and the women will be left with no money to look after themselves.

Some men will give their housewives ‘pocket money’ to spend as they like. The term is extremely disrespectful to women who perform invisible labour throughout the day.

Some of these women are then labelled good diggers for making a go at money done of the questionable men do not even possess.

When women choose to move out of abusive marriages there is a stigma associated with it. The virtue of a divorced woman is questioned in Indian society and they do not find many forthcoming suitors for a second marriage.

Movies like Darlings show us women are taught to justify the domestic abuse they suffer at the hands of their men. From a young age, girls are taught that those that love them can be harsh with them. These learnings are carried by the girl child well into adulthood where they then begin to justify the abuse they suffer at the hands of their husbands.

Even mythology did not give its readers many Panchalis. However, kings with multiple wives were not an uncommon phenomenon.

Men are lauded as casanovas for having multiple partners and women are shamed for the same.

Even though how one shares a marriage should seem an unquestionable arrangement, questions arise due to the unfair nature of the arrangement. Women like Monica do not even realise they’re being wronged.

Open marriages or consensual non-monogamy are not unheard of. It used to be a primitive way of living. If husbands are allowed to see women outside of marriage then the wife too should be afforded the same liberty.

The views expressed are the author’s own.