Young Girl Smashes "Man-Made" Sexism In Viral Video

As she endearingly reads out, "All men are made equal," and then asks, "Why? Aren't women created equal?" the entire essence of sexism is captured.

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Man-Made Sexism Girl Viral Video

The discourse on sexism and the need to eradicate it lies out in the open today. But the hierarchical tradition of men above all other genders is so firmly rooted in society that it often comes forth through subliminal messaging hard to sometimes detect. What's uplifting to know is that backed by children, the future shows positive signs of change towards gender equality. The video of a young girl calling out sexism, which has gone viral on social media, is the most recent exhibit.  


Posted by a Twitter user, the video shows a girl pertinently asking why books use the term "man-made" instead of "people-made" for all things not natural in the world. As she endearingly reads out, "All men are made equal," and then asks, "Why? Aren't women created equal?" the entire essence of sexism is captured. "It's not nice right?" she ends knowingly. 

It may be surreal to see a child as young as her utter words so wise as many adults still can't, but it sure heralds the possible coming of a world that is more equal across the gender spectrum. 

See the video below: 

The Need To Bridge Gender Inequality In Everyday Things 

Earlier, we also reported how a Dutch woman of 23 years designed a deck of 'genderless' playing cards, omitting the sexist king, queen, and jack hierarchy. Those who play on the regular deck often aren't conscious of the male dominance being preached through the game cards. It's a strange reversal, where a Queen empoweringly sits on the British throne in real life, but a simple card game reflects the reality of the world where men reign supreme.  

Many computer games too are being created without the barriers or labels of gender. Gender-neutral toys and video content, like Animal Crossing and Toca Robot Lab, are being developed with a focus on enhancing sensitivity in children. Which is probably necessary to break down the pink-blue/female-male dichotomy many adults still conform to.  


Since many similar ideas of equality are being introduced to kids early on in childhood, it poses the benefit of having them see the world and its genders with an improved perspective, which to them, will be a regular one.

Strong evidence of that comes also with the recent election of the first woman and woman of colour Kamala Harris to the seat of Vice President in the United States. Harris' two grand-nieces who were present with her at the Inauguration ceremony on January 20, and all the other young girls around the world, saw that it was possible for any kind of woman to dream, lead, and achieve. 

The sentiment was captured by politician and former First Lady Hillary Clinton through this post: 

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