Five Times Kamala Harris Gave Us Feminist Goals

As the list of her achievements is exhaustive, here are five times she set feminist goals.

STP Reporter
Jan 20, 2021 17:09 IST
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Kamala Harris is going to be the first woman to ever be elected as the Vice President of the United States of America. Her nomination in itself was the step forward in the feminist movement. In the past year, she has proved time and again that her female identity gives her strength and is also an inspiration to so many young girls who can finally see a woman leading a country as big as America. 


As the list of her achievements is exhaustive, here are five times she set feminist goals: 

Service to people 

The VP-elect has often spoken about the compassion she feels for the people of her country and how it is her duty to be of service to them. Recently she volunteered on America's National Day of Service along with her husband. 


A true ally to women 

This week, Harris shared the story of her best friend being molested by her own father. She recalled telling her friend to come to stay with Harris. That incident was the biggest inspiration behind Harris opting to become a persecutor. She wrote, " A big part of the reason I wanted to be a prosecutor was to protect people like her and change the system. In fact, a big part of my career has been about protecting women and children, including prosecuting child sexual assault cases, and ensuring that children had a shot at being great." 

The way she owes her life to the women who raised her 


It is commendable how Harris always gives credit to people and especially the women in her life. In a series of pictures, places and moments that shaped Kamala Harris' life, she shared how much she is grateful to her mother. She proudly highlighted her mother, Shyamala Gopalan's contribution to science and called her a seven feet tall woman. She also mentioned her neighbour and her first-grade teacher who she still remembers as the women who shaped her. 

Fighting for people's rights 

Kamala Harris has shared that she was part of the apartheid protests in America and that she truly believes that one needs to do something about if they do not agree with their surroundings. She also spoke firmly during tye Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. In order to demand justice of Breonna Taylor, she said, "Her family deserves justice. Her life was taken unjustifiably and tragically and violently.”


"Mr Vice-President, I'm speaking"

People will never forget the way Kamala Harris stood up against US Vice-President Mike Pence during the presidential debates last year. Women most of the time get silenced by men who hardly think our opinions matter. At such a big platform and during such an important debate, Harris kept her cool and stopped Pence from doing that by making one simple statement. 

On January 20, Kamala Harris will make history by not just becoming the first female Vice-President of America but also by becoming the first woman from Indian-Jamaican origin to do that. Of course, she has set some serious goals for younger women. She has proved that women can achieve anything and everything they want no matter how difficult it can get. 

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