Madonna Talks About Balancing Motherhood And Career

madonna on working mom struggles
Working moms have it really hard when it comes to balancing their professional and personal life. They have to be hundred per cent present and attentive towards their career as well as their duty towards their child which complicates things if they don’t get enough support.

The struggle of being a working mom is real for a lot of women out there who prioritise their careers and children equally. There are a million things at work and a million things at home to look after when you have a baby. Women have to be careful, attentive and present at all times. Such scenarios are common for every working woman, whether it is a commoner or a celebrity. American singer Madonna revealed how difficult working moms have it from her own experience.

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Madonna On Working Mom Struggles

The 64-year-old singer and mother of six talked about balancing work and motherhood and reportedly said in an interview, “It was the hardest thing, the toughest battle…..Even today, I struggle to understand how to be a mother and do my job…….However it goes, whoever you are, having children and raising children is a work of art…….Nobody gives you a manual. You have to learn from your mistakes. It’s a job that takes a lot of time, and it’s tiring because there’s never rest.” The statement was the truth behind motherhood which is common to every woman in the world.

Managing work in itself is stressful, above that dealing with the physical, mental and lifestyle changes during and after embracing motherhood is a tricky job. There are times when women feel like everything is too much to handle. Often women are suggested to compromise their careers in order to be fully present for their children but very rarely do these women receive help and support from their families to continue working while being mothers. If the family and society support a woman’s career ambitions as well as her decision of having a child completely, a woman will be more encouraged to not compromise her dreams and choices.

We often see that men do not undergo drastic professional and personal changes after embracing fatherhood. After some time, they are back to their job, nobody asks them if they spent time with their child or if they are present for the baby or do they feed or bathe them. They continue working as they were before embracing fatherhood. However, there is increased responsibility and pressure to earn more after embracing fatherhood which does not allow them to have a choice when it comes to switching roles or jobs.

Having a child takes two people and hence, raising one should take two as well. When mother and father support each other, they both will find it easier to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. If the father looked after the child and took care of him along with the mother, then the mother will be able to manage her work better. As a result, if the mother is able to maintain her professional life and job, the father will not entirely be burdened with financial responsibility. It is all about mutual support, understanding and sharing the load which, though the toxic society won’t suggest you do, is the ideal solution to balance work and parenthood.

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