Kate Middleton And Prince Louis At Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations: Every Parent Can Relate

Kate Middleton and Prince Louis
 Kate Middleton and Prince William’s youngest child Prince Louis showcased his ‘cheeky’ personality on Sunday during the celebrations to commemorate 70 years of his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. He acted like a true four-year-old, while his mom struggled to control him in front of the world. Don’t all mothers relate to the feeling of the royal mom? Kareena Kapoor Khan did. She shared a post on Instagram that carried collages of many different expressions the little prince displayed while watching the Trooping the Colour fly-past from the Buckingham Palace balcony. Khan captioned the pictures, “Mood,” adding a series of heart-eyes emoji.

She also shared a video of Prince Louis making hilarious faces at his mom Kate Middleton during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. At one point, Louis put his hand on Kate’s mouth to shush her and tried to do it again as she talked to him. Khan noted that she can relate to the Duchess of Cambridge in this situation. She wrote, “Why do I know this feeling,” adding a laughing emoji.

Kate Middleton and Prince Louis: Relatable mom and son

Royal or not, celebrity or not, all moms at some point do have to handle their kid’s tantrums. I’ve had to deal with such behaviour from my daughter since she started talking and walking and now she is 10-year-old and I still don’t know what she’ll do next. I am in love with this four-year-old royal for being every kid.

But as usual, social media users did have a lot to say about Prince Louis’ behaviour and the techniques being used by his parents while rearing him up. One Twitter user said, “Actually, I raised a boy and that would not have flown with me. I never spanked or raised my voice. I simply removed him to a private area until he was ready to respect his surroundings and other people along with a quiet explanation of why this was necessary.” Another wrote, “Well…that looks pretty disrespectful and especially because he doesn’t have a problem treating his mom like that in from of millions of people. We shouldn’t pass that off as normal, boy behavior. It’s bad behavior plain and simple.”

However, not everyone was critical on Princess Louis being himself – a pre-schooler. “Why do you think you’re entitled to criticise a 4-yr-old just from a clip of film – only a few seconds of long three hours of quite normal behaviour? Very normal when a child feels safe surrounded by his immediate families. (Clap emoji) to his parents allowing him freedom of expression,” argued a user.

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Is there such a thing as a perfect parent or parenting? Can all parenting tips fit all parents and kids? I think not. At the age Prince Louis is in, most kids test the limit of what is good or bad, how far they can go and a mom agrees with me, as she says, “My twins at four were totally like that! At that age they tend to test the boundaries. Medical fact.”

Many commentators also took a shot at the Duchess for not disciplining her child. I fail to understand why is the mother in the spotlight due to her 4-year-old boy. Are all teaching of manners, disciplining a child a mother’s responsibility? Even if she is married to a Prince, who is only second in line to the throne, it doesn’t mean that she is single-handedly responsible for how her children behave.

What I admire about Princess of Cambridge is that how calmly she handled her son. Here is a woman in public eye, who knew that her every move and that of her son was being captured and yet she did not lose her temper or was harsh to her son. There are very few moms who can walk away from such an explosive situation with their composure still intact and in that sense I do admire Kate Middleton.

In the end I would like to say, each set of parents and their kids are different, we cannot call out a parent’s parenting skill because of her kids. Childhood is all about being silly and behaving the way you want and this holds true for even a prince. If we have to criticise anything then it should be the constant scrutiny that the royal children and other celebrity kids are subjected to. They are just kids, why can’t we simply let them be?

Views expressed are the author’s own.