How Does Karishma Kapoor’s Marriage Plans Matter To You?

karishma kapoor marriage plans
 Karishma Kapoor marriage plans? There is no sweeter way to say this but the Indian public needs to stop obsessing about the private life choices of actors. How does it matter to you if an actor decides to marry or not to marry in the near or distant future? Wouldn’t it be fruitful to divert all this energy on taking interest in their work and public stance rather than going personal all the time?

Recently, during an Instagram, “Ask Me Anything,” session conducted by the actor Karishma Kapoor, a fan out front asked about her marriage plans. The fan asked if she plans on marrying again. The question seems awkward because out of all the wonderful questions about her hobby and work that they could have asked about, the person smartly chose to ask about her wedding plans.

This is not even surprising, especially as a woman in this country. Even if one is to share their biggest accomplishment in life, the public will forget everything and remember to ask only about her love life or future plans to get hitched with a guy (again, a heterosexual presumption).

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Karishma Kapoor Marriage Plans

Kapoor’s reply to the question was, “Depends,” with a confused GIF. Yes, it is confusing, why are people unable to understand the line between becoming intrusive and creepy, and keeping it professional? This mindset that we can ask celebrities anything and they ought to reply is regressive.

Kapoor was married to the businessman Sanjay Kapur in 2003. The couple had two kids together but when things did not work out they decided to part ways. Their divorce was finalised in 2016. It was a messy divorce as both individuals had levelled allegations against each other.

They are performers, artists, actors, and yes they are public figures but no they do not owe you any scoops on their personal life. Moreover, this trend of asking women actors about their married lives or potential marriages is not a new thing. They have been subjected to this utterly misogynistic approach by the media too.

The proof lies in the number of press conferences where a woman actor has come to promote her film but instead is asked personal questions. Yes, Salman Khan is included in the group and it is okay for him to choose when he wants to get married and with whom, asking it repeatedly will not make new information or glaring reveals.

Time and again, actors have had to come and speak their minds and shut people with such shallow questions but there is an important question that we need to ask ourselves–why cannot we understand the line? Why cannot we appreciate their work and ask queries on her acting and choice of scripts than which date they will get married?

As viewers and fans, we need to backtrack a little and keep conscious of two things- the actors hardly owe us good cinema and a strong public stance when required. They do not owe us anything beyond their work, so please stop asking awkward questions and let her decide when she wants to make it public and respect if she wants to keep it private.