Are We All Just Messed Up People? Gehraiyaan To Put A Lens on Millennial Dilemmas?

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Does Gehraiyaan put a real lens on millennial relationship dilemmas? The trailer of Ananya Panday and Deepika Padukone’s upcoming Gehraiyaan film starts with her saying, “I don’t like being at home, I feel so stuck.” Isn’t it confusing how even after choosing our own course in life, we end up feeling suffocated?

Growing up, we are bombarded with glorious love stories. How someone died for their love for the other person. How two people gave up for each other and lived happily ever after. Most of us at least know one perfect couple who fell in love and married each other. We start to imagine the same things for ourselves and then end up getting disappointed.

We blame ourselves and the significant other for not giving their best resulting in the failure of the relationship. One wonders if the only thing some relationships fail at is seeming like the ones we read in novels and romantic drama movies. Maybe they are just as normal and much more real with their flaws.

The trailer of Gehraiyaan dropped last week and shed light on how modern relationships really can be. And perhaps why it really struck a chord with me. Can a career and a romantic relationship only function on the same path or not at all? How women of the same family can fall for one person? When a stable relationship built after years of efforts can feel suffocating…

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The glimpses from the movie shown in the trailer seem very close to realities many young millennials are firefighting on a daily basis. It reminds us that we are not alone in living a dysfunctional life, that it is okay for things to not be perfect. Because if that is not normal then perhaps we are all messed up people.

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Our society’s obsession with monogamy has led us to see singlehood, open relationships, casual affairs and many other ways of life in a bad light. If two people are in love, they are expected to get married because apparently there is no other way they could be happy forever. And why do we really want things to be forever?

Why do we really expect good things to last forever even though we know that they don’t.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we just accepted that fact and let relationships run their natural course and then put an end to them when they stop making us happy? This way break ups and divorces seem much less evil and rather freeing.

As people of the modern era we have been able to put an end to age old customs and made our own rules so why can’t we follow the same when it comes to romantic love? We claim to be open to new possibilities while dreaming about the same old textbook love life. Perhaps that is why they say that modern relationships are much more difficult. They don’t have to be like that if see them like we look at life. Spontaneous, messy and sometimes overwhelming.

Maybe finding that one person and living happily ever after is not something we really want or would eventually like. Maybe we can explore different realities and choose what suits us best.

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