Tweets by These 5 Badass Women Made Twitterati Laugh Out Loud

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Being “funny” for a woman is almost always an unusual compliment. Nobody imagines an ideal woman at a party guffawing with a joke on boobs or politics. Other than the body-hugging adjectives of sexy, beautiful, hot or the cool, independent, smart tags given in more liberal environments, funny is almost never included in the list. Everybody goes gaga over a funny man. No one wants to embrace a funny woman. Why? Because they aren’t AblAhnaaris?

Humour can be appreicated as a general quality in a woman. Why does it have to be an aberration like a man cooking dal or Yogi Ji being kind to political cartoonists? Humor is a quality for the mighty and twitter is the battleground of the brave. Well, 2020 is the coverpage of “Kabhi Khushi Mostly Gham” and little packages of khushi have been these tweets from these hilarious women who have unabashedly brought their A-game on this year.

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1. Greta Thunberg Thungabali

Chennai Express pictured the all-powerful Thungabali in Deepika’s dreams and well, there can be only one god on twitter and that is Greta Thunbgerg. She has single-handedly leashed Donald Trump and his reckless twitter game several times this year. This remains one of the solid verbal punches to be hailed for generations to come.

2. Art Whoring aka Priyanka Paul

Her twitter beef with Kangana was largely talked about and she faced insane trolling and hatred after the same. She spoke about it without a care in the world and made sure her trollers knew she wasn’t afraid of them.


3. Marvellous Ms. Malala

This young lady never fails to surprise us with her awesome replies. Not only did she completely made us go into splits by this sharp response, she also did so without hurting anybody’s intentions. In Twitter Language, we say “You can step on us Queen!”

4. Mrs. Funny Bones

“The only party I am likely to be a part of at this point would involve liberal amounts of vodka shots and a hangover the next day.” Her previous statements to awkward media questions and tricky situations have always been handled deftly by her. Virtual education has also received a classic blow from her in this tweet.

5. Not So Bholi Punjaban

Richa Chaddha has stolen our hearts everytime with her acting and her razor blade wit comes as no surprise to her reportoire of amazing skills. When media raised questions on her wedding with boyfriend Ali Fazal, she handled the paparazzi very well.

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