This Friendship Day 3 Millennials Share What More They Expect From Their Girl Pals

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Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. From tying friendship bands to going out for lunch and spending time together, there are myriad ways to celebrate friendships that bring joy to our life.

While women always have each other’s back there are often snide comments about how women bring each other down. But let us clarify having female friendships is an essential part of life. According to a study, having a support system for women at work helps them manage stress.

However, similar to any relationship, female friendships are filled with hurdles and barriers that need to be overcome.

SheThePeople spoke with women and asked them about one thing they believed would improve female friendships. From wishing that their friendships were more forgiving to hoping for more honesty, these women brought up several points. Let’s have a look.

Friendship Day Wishes: Women Speak About Female Friendships

More Forgiveness, Less Fighting

Ayushi,* 21-year-old, is a student at the London School of Economics and had her fair share of tumultuous friendships and arguments. She said, “Even though most of the fights ended in reconciliation, it often took us years to become friends again. I wish we spent less time being angry at each other and worked on our issues and friendship instead.”

Ayushi added, “I once saw two boys who barely spoke to each get other and got into a physical fight. Five minutes later, they were helping each other get their assignments done.” She said that she wished female friendships were more like that and that minor disagreements did not result in being iced out.

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While 20-year-old liberal arts student Reetu enjoys her friends constantly hyping her up and encouraging her, she wishes that she received more critical feedback. Reetu said, “When I’m sending my friends my papers and hoping for feedback, I’d prefer to get more comments about how I can improve my writing rather than a barrage of compliments. Even though it boosts my self-esteem, I need some feedback so I can improve myself.”

Reetu spoke about how there were certain situations when she was in the wrong and did not know it. She said, “When I’m acting like a terrible person, I need to be called out and not encouraged.”

Spending Time Together

It is natural for friends to drift apart over time as life becomes more hectic and it becomes difficult to spend time together. 20-year-old Gauri found that after she and all of her friends got internships or jobs, it became harder to set aside time to meet regularly.

Gauri said, “I wish spending time with your friends was more prioritised, whenever I’m having a rough day all I want to do is talk to my friends and relax. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet my friends and hang out. I would rather go out with my friends and enjoy myself rather than sit at home and binge television shows.”

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