From Axone To Parched: Five Hindi Films That Got Female Friendships Right

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Hindi films on female friendships might be small in number but they have given us major goals when it comes to following the sis-code. These girl gangs/duos have showed the world that if a woman has dependable buddies by her side, she can conquer the whole world and no heartbreak is big enough to be put behind.

While we have a seen a lot of Indian movies displaying the strong bond and unbreakable friendship between two guys and have even made them the benchmark of true friendship like Jai-Veeru, we still are out of names when it comes to give example of girl best friends or gangs. However, these hindi films on friendship prove that the yaarana between girls is no less thicker that what boys enjoy.

So here are 5 Hindi Films On Female Friendships that should be on your watchlist:

Veere Di Wedding

One of the most popular films that showed the friendship of four ambitious and opinionated ladies who stood with each other as they rebelled againts the double standards of the society and battled their personal challenges. Through group of strong, sometimes broken but supportive women, Veere Di Wedding taught us how friends help us heal from heartbreak, confront our fears, and if nothing else works, take us on luxurious holidays to help us cope.


Axone Review, Hindi Films On Female Friendships

A still from Axone / Image Credit: The Hindu

Representing the lives, stereotypes and challenges faced by the Indian North-Eastern community in the Indian capital Delhi, Axone, pronounced akhuni is not just about the traditional dish from Nagaland by the same name. It showcases the bond between the friends that compels them to go to any extent to make their friend’s big day special. From searching for ingredients from suspicious resources to facing the opposition of the neighbours, everything was a game if you are doing it for your friend.

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When a group of repressed and outcast women come together, they break barriers and find liberation in each other’s company. In a small village in Rajasthan, four women, all broken by their circumstances and oppressed by the society learn to fight back and live life on their own terms. Isn’t that what friends are for? To help you break free and to comfort you when you fall on hard times?


friendship boundaries, Hindi Films On Female Friendships

Image Credit: YouTube screenshot

You know those times when your friend is annoying, dramatic and nosy AF but at the end of the day you just love her and cannot see her sad so you let her do all her shenanigans and even tag along. Aisha, Shefali and Pinky from 2010 movie Aisha are the exact duo that support each other in their highs, lows and craziness. They don’t judge, they don’t stop, they just explore together everything that each of them wants that is an example of how true friends should be, supportive and accepting.


Cocktail is the true example of what sis-code is in friendship. The iconic situation where the lead falls in love with her best friend’s boyfriend brings Veronica and Meera’s friendship to a test that they will be losing either way. Sacrificing love for your friendship is not new to Indian cinema but it wasn’t displayed among female friends until Cocktail. An array of relatable, sweet and crazy moments topped with a difficult romance is what you need for a nice weekend with friends.

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