Five Things In Women’s Checklist For Post Pandemic Dating

Post Pandemic Dating
Post Pandemic Dating: Imagining the possibility of being on a maskless date seems like a daydream right now. Considering the current situation of the country, all we can do right now is make a checklist for the future.

Picturing yourself on a date in a fully packed restaurant surely looks weird even in thoughts right now. We don’t know how long it will take for the cases to die down. We don’t know how long things will remain online. But as soon as we can get out of the online dating and communication cycle, we look forward to these five things the most.

Here’s what women have added to their checklist when it comes to post-pandemic dating

Holding hands without worries

In honour of feeling the joy of intimacy again, holding hands has to top the list. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we could hold hands without having to think twice. But now, a simple handshake or bodily contact could prove itself to be fatal.

Holding hands being a simple act of showing affection conveys many emotions. Although we’re not sure if we’ll ever get over the fear about body contact for the rest of our lives, the reassurance that you feel from holding someone’s hands is one we all yearn for.

Day trips and picnics

Going out not only for essential requirements and groceries but for relaxation and enjoyment is what a lot of us look forward to. Packing food and going on a day trip to somewhere nearby, a local picnic date on a park, or even sitting near a lake while watching the sunset. These are all things we romanticise over and over in our heads during the pandemic.

The Embrace of love

Just like holding hands, hugging and cuddling come as a package. The small things that we took for granted have got back to us, and they’re probably the ones that make us miss pre-pandemic life so much. So getting cozy while watching movies on rainy days is something we can’t wait for.

Going to the theatre

There’s a lot we miss about the theatre. The silence that falls in between the darkness paired with the big screen in front of you makes you feel like you’re somewhere else.

Your own personal problems and fears have no place in between the screen and you, and while being surrounded by strangers, you’re all focused on the same thing. We all wait for better stories, better movies, better dates, and better times.

Sharing food with each other

Sharing food as well as eating together is also one of the most simple yet intimate things. Having a date close enough to talk to with a glass of wine on the side without discomfort or suspicion sounds small and basic. But it’s the little things and the simple activities that we crave by now.

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