How To Navigate Differences Of Opinion In A Relationship?

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Difference of opinion is a common bone of contention among couples. It is not necessary that two people in a relationship have the same mindset when it comes to certain situations and it’s fine as long as you know how to handle it.

Differences of opinion are a natural thing to exist in any type of relationship, whether platonic or romantic. When such differences occur in a romantic relationship, people believe that it is necessary for one of them to back down and comply with the other in order to make the relationship successful. However, often these differences is what helps in maintaining the balance in the relationship. Having different thoughts as a couple does not make you any less compatible as long as you don’t force them on each other and know how to find common ground. However, it also depends on the two people’s approach and the topic’s sensitivity.

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Difference Of Opinion In Relationships

A Reddit user shared thoughts on how her boyfriend of three years and she went through many differences and challenging times in their relationship but managed to overcome them. She shared how her younger sister came out as transgender and is going through the gender transition. Her family is very supportive of her but her boyfriend has different views on gender transition and termed gender reassignment surgeries as ‘mutilation’ and unnecessary much to her disagreement. She asks what other people in her shoes would feel about the situation and if they can make this relationship work.

A user commented, “Every relationship will have challenges. That is ok. Give it time. He may not be used to this transition thing. This is new to many. Give it time.” To this, the woman replied, “That’s what I hoped but he’s really set in his thoughts on this and even said I was living in a fantasy world if I thought it wasn’t mutilation. I don’t know how to think about it all”.

It is obvious that society is not very open-minded yet when it comes to accepting gender reassignment surgeries and LGBTQIA rights. We are progressing gradually as it is a sensitive topic and it might be that the boyfriend belongs to the conservative part of society. As long as his opinion is personal and in future, he does not shame her sister for her choices or force his point of view on her girlfriend or her family, the opinions are harmless. However, if he uses it to disrespect her or her family, it is a problem.

The opinions become problematic when the person does not want to change his/her views with the progressing society or impose their views on other people. These are personal choices and it is better to keep them personal rather than make a public opinion. In such cases, the couple should sit together and talk about their different opinions, the reason behind them, society and the need to provide freedom of choice to people to make their own decisions instead of judging or disrespecting them for living life the way they want.

A relationship is based on healthy communication and if you can communicate your differences and find common ground, you can save your relationship. However, you also need to know that it is not always necessary to find common ground. If you feel like you can’t handle the different opinions, you can always walk out of the relationship because it’s your choice in the end.

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