Depression Toh Aaj Kal Ka Trend Hai: Dear Parents, Please Stop Saying That

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According to a recent study, over 43% of Indians are suffering from depression ever since the pandemic hit the world. The possible causes can be a severe medical illness, loneliness etc. Some might even experience it on losing someone close to them. However, most parents these days see the disorder as a ‘trend’ and avoid taking it seriously. The lack of awareness is the primary reason why the problem doesn’t receive enough attention from them.

Stigma around depression

Teenagers and adolescents today have a life completely different from their parents. They have higher aspirations and more competition in their respective fields. Quite often, the inability to cope up with others leads them to resort to unfair means which can slowly take them towards depression. If they try talking to their parents about it, they are deemed to be ‘just sad’. While parents try all possible means to comfort their children, they find it difficult to understand that their children need immediate medical help.

Speaking about the stigma Ashley Laderer, a writer who aims at breaking stereotypes around mental illness says, “The stigma results in so many misconceptions. The stigma can also be dangerous for the person who’s suffering from the condition. Why? The negative stigma can make someone embarrassed to confess the way they’re feeling or reach out to get help for fear of being shamed and being labeled pejoratively as something like a “basket case.” Also, we can stigmatize ourselves, feeling shame simply for being who we are because of the way that society makes us feel.”

Depression is not a ‘trend’

Depression has existed since forever but is seldom taken seriously by parents. They label it as a ‘trend’ because more and more youngsters are being diagnosed with the disorder with every passing day. It’s their conditioning that tells them depression is just a state of mind and heals on its own. Clearly, it’s we who need to spread awareness among the older generation about the hazards and serious consequences of the disability. 

Share what you feel

Talking to parents about depression is a challenging task but nonetheless it is important. You can afford to be vulnerable in front of your parents. Just speak your heart out and let them know what you are going through. If possible, you can even share an article or two from the internet which state the possible causes and symptoms of clinical depression. 

I would also like to recommend a beautiful poem on the topic and how someone suffering from the disorder can be soothed. It’s titled Depression- A Silent Voice by Srishti Dhingra, Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte, USI. In the poem, she effortlessly narrates how a person with depression is in desperate need of help and how we can assist them in coming out of the situation. 

Depression is a treatable illness but the stigma and myths attached to it create obstacles on the path of treatment.

Some are fortunate enough to have parents who understand the seriousness of the situation. On the other hand, there are people who have a tough time explaining their parents that depression is not a trend but a severe medical condition. Dear parents, please stand by your children when they are facing a tough time. You might regret your ignorance later on.  [Image Credit: NY Times]