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Author Shaheen Bhatt Talks About Depression, PMS And Her Dreams

Author Shaheen Bhatt Depression

Shaheen Bhatt is the author of the book ‘I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier’ in which she talks about living with and surviving depression. Shaheen, who is Alia Bhatt’s elder sister, is one of the few celebrities who have opened up about dealing with depression.

Here is what she has to say about struggling with depression, PMS and her dreams.

Shaheen’s Advice For People Struggling With Depression

Bhatt said that it’s a process and everyone has to go through their own process to come to a place where they realise that need help. As for her, she resisted it for a very long time despite coming from a background where stigma around mental health issues are not so predominant. But she had her own sort of reservations about going and seeking help.

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She feels that now times are changing. Mental health is not as much a taboo as it was 5 years ago. People are becoming more accepting. Her advice to people is that they should not stop doing what’s going to be good for them for someone else or of the fear of what someone else might think.

On what you should never say to someone who is going through mental health issues:

 Trends Shaheen Thinks Shouldn’t Be There

According to her, it is unboxing because she doesn’t like the idea of boxes. She feels that we are living in a time where we need to be more environmentally aware. The kind of packaging individuals have these days is wildly unnecessary. They have too much packaging so unboxing is important.

 Her Views For People Who Make Unnecessary Comments On PMSing

It’s a part of a certain kind of patriarchy which has been drilled into individuals for a very long time. She feels that  it’s a part of women’s emotions not being looked as emotions. They are looked at something intrinsically connected to their womanhood. That is according to her, the reason it is easier to say PMSing rather than saying, “I’m being a jerk so she’s annoyed.”

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Shaheen Bhatt Tells About Her Dreams

She says that her dreams keep on changing. At present, her dream is to connect with people. She feels that it makes one’s life worth living.

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