Parents Use Daughter’s College Fund To Pay For Son’s Wedding, Wait What? 

Daughter Sues Parents Over College Funds
It’s a never-ending agony that marriage is given far more preference than education in our country especially when it’s about a girl, but imagine someone being so shameful that they steal away their own daughter’s college funds to pay for their son’s wedding. Sounds both weird and astonishing right? Well, let me tell you, this incident actually happened with a woman who shared her ordeal on Reddit a few days back.

A woman on Reddit claimed that her parents without her permission used her college funds to pay for their son’s wedding for which the woman sued them. The Redditor claimed that her great-aunt left funds for her sister’s and her education, but her parents without her knowing about it used a large chunk of it.

Daughter Sues Parents Over College Funds

The Reddit user named @Accomplished_Bar5656 says that her great-aunt saved money for the education of all her female relatives because in their culture women’s education was not given much importance and her great-aunt thought it was not right. She further informed everyone that her great-aunt used to live with her father in London where she got her education, became a doctor and got married to a British man, and had a great life after moving to America. She also added, that her great-aunt funded the education of many women and before passing away saved funds to aid every girl relative’s education.

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According to the post, her parents somehow managed to access the money and used it to pay for their brother’s wedding, she narrated, “I asked my parents about the money, and they claimed that they needed it. After that, I finally found out where the funds went. I got so furious that applied for student loans and moved out. I am definitely a great source of shame for them as I am suing them for the money that was left for my education. Now my entire family is against me because they all think that I am airing private family business in the public and that I am putting money ahead of my own family.”

She also mentioned that her brother even tried to sort out the situation in any way possible and offered to pay her the money back, but when the woman asked for a legally binding contract, he refused it without a single thought. The post got shared by the woman just a few days back and has accumulated more than 37,000 likes and people are expressing their opinions about the same in the comment section.

One user wrote, “NTA It’s not “just money” it’s your future! Regardless of how they feel about you getting an education, they took what wasn’t theirs. And good on you for telling your brother you need something in writing before agreeing to let him pay you back”. Another user wrote,” NTA. This is a serious legal issue, not particularly a cultural one. The aunt set up these funds for very specific reasons, which did not include your brother’s wedding (in fact, sounds like stuff like this is the exact reason why she set these funds up). You have every right to restitution.”

It’s really surprising how these different cultures from across the globe have this one thing in common which is the patriarchal mindset, and it makes them prioritise their sons over their daughters, they think investing in their daughter’s education is worthless as there is no assurance on returns. And also the very fact is disheartening that parents believe they have authority over everything that belongs to their kids may it be the funds for something as important as their education. It’s high time for us to speak about such discrimination and begin fighting for our rights, along with that we must support every woman out there who is fighting against the injustice done to them like the woman in this case, more power to her.