Bizarre TV Shows: Here Are 5 Most Absurd Daily Soaps From Indian Television

Bizarre Indian Television Shows, bizarre television shows, Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah
Are you a disturbed viewer of ridiculous daily soaps? Do you feel degraded by their ridiculous storylines? Does it seem that the makers of those shows take the viewers to be silly who will watch whatever nonsense they will drop on us?

Do you think in these soaps, marriages go on for weeks before breaking again? Are the serials stretched to meaninglessness, displaying clear-cut sexism? Well, you are not the only one. To believe us better, we have some evidence.

Bizarre Indian Television Shows


The pretentiously intriguing and seemingly the longest show ever in the Indian Television history, is all about an investigating team with supernatural powers insofar as the door breaks as you throw a punch or a kick. As the criminals are slapped after they fail to kill any CID inspector because of their world-class corset-looking bullet-proof jacket, they end up inside the CID bureau. Apparently the members of the CID can detect microscopic cells by looking at it with their naked eyes. But it’s funny because the same people view pictures with magnifying glasses.

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Ye Hain Mohabbatein

The male protagonist’s ex-spouse, Shagun dies by suicide and the current spouse, Ishita blames herself for her death as she could not stop her. Are you wondering that this man has pitted the two women against each other? You’re right! After all, what is Indian Television without a dollop of misogyny, seasoned with cat-fights? While typical men wear 3-D glasses to see what follows, the story is sort of a given: Ishita’s body gets possessed by Shagun and she goes about causing havoc in the house.

Kumkum Bhagya

What a brilliant show with radical changes surrounding divorce! We can already hear the slow claps. Suppose we want a divorce with our partners for already being fed up with the wonders their fragile ego can do: In a normal world, we both sign the papers and get done with it. But here Abhi would not let his “wife” Pragya go unless he helps in her marriage with Suresh. Sounds very selfless to us right? Of course, minus the logic and storyline.

Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma 

We wonder if the viewers of this show are immune to logic. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing funny here except annoying voices, a non-existent storyline, a lot of unnecessary sound effects, make-overs which make you look sick and years and years of headaches. In case you are fake-laughing at this show, we sincerely hope that your tears are real.

Jodha Akbar

This is historical fiction, if that accounts for a complete ridicule of 16th Century Mughal history. Over here, a “Buri Atma” wants to marry Akbar. Wonder why? Because she wants to replace Jodha – yes, she exists here, except that her character is so poorly written that if you follow history, you will want to bang the director’s head against the wall till it starts functioning. Well, it’s not just we who are saying this. The show was criticised by the Rajput community members as misleading and thankfully, it went off air. Boundaries, director!

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