Bell Bottom: Lara Dutta Saves Akshay Kumar’s Film From Becoming One Man Show

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Bell Bottom Trailer Review: Akshay Kumar starrer Bell Bottom came out with its trailer on August 3. The film is said to be based on the real events of the 80s when a plane was hijacked in India.

As per reports, Bell Bottom was the first film to be shot outdoors in Glasgow during the pandemic. Unlike most films released during the pandemic, Bell Bottom will be releasing in theatres on August 19.

As the film’s trailer opens, the scenes of plane hijacks are highlighted and soon we see Lara Dutta, who is playing the role of former Prime Minister of India. Dutta’s appearance is decently transformed to give her the look of the late Prime Minister. Her character’s look and get up is carefully arranged that one can actually forget Lara Dutta playing the role.

Then comes the hero, Akshay Kumar who is sought by everyone including the Prime Minister. The voice-over playing with the scenes of Kumar hitting out punches lists endless qualities of his character. The list of his qualities are so long that it seems like there is no other saviour on the earth.

Naturally, some locations of Pakistan are shown to bring focus on the lethal enemy of India ( no surprises there). Then we see the film’s female cast make small appearances on the screen. The significance of Akshay Kumar’s love interest, Vaani Kapoor, can only be determined when the movie releasing. But judging by the trailer she is only there to show the loving side of the male character.

Huma Qureshi also comes after a few minutes donning a burqa. She barely has one line in the trailer and that is to warn the male actor.

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The trailer helps the audience make sense of the unusual title of the film, Bell Bottom which is a code name of Akshay Kumar’s character in the film.

The entire trailer basically focuses on how a single man( Akshay Kumar) with extraordinary skills and tactics is able to save India from terrorists. The basic premise of the film seems almost similar to the plots of films like Baby and other action-packed-patriotic dramas.

Watch the trailer here: