Mr Beer Biceps, Girls Don't Need 'Life Hacks' From Boys To Look '100x Attractive'

Do men like Beer Biceps think women are living with the sole purpose of drawing them towards themselves?

Tanvi Akhauri
Aug 11, 2021 01:41 IST
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Influencer and public speaker Ranveer Allahbadia, alternatively known by his social media moniker 'Beer Biceps', is no stranger to controversy. With remarks that often teeter towards sexism or glaringly reveal the privilege he is steeped in, this 28-year-old is often at the receiving end of very polar reactions from netizens.

A recent tweet he made elicited a similar response. "Any girl becomes a 100x more attractive in a long kurti paired with those big earrings," he wrote pompously, proud at having dished out this "life hack that brings all guys to their knees." To further elucidate his point, he attached a pictorial representation of what he was aiming at - a woman in traditional Indian attire.

Sure, social media is a free space with no cap on what people can or cannot say (largely). But going by Allahbadia's extremely specific advice, someone must have asked for it, right? Or can this kind of entitled counsel come unsolicited? After all, not all girls are looking for life hacks to bring men "to their knees," are we?

Internet Calls Out Beer Biceps For Giving Advice No One Asked For

Do men like Beer Biceps think women are living with the sole purpose of drawing them towards themselves? That we're still operating by the male gaze and its outdated, arbitrary beauty standards? Or that women without kurtis and big earrings have it harder when it comes to finding partners?


What kind of effect did the influencer expect to have with this remark of his? Would girls have turned out their wardrobes in hopes of always, constantly flooring men? 

This remark from Beer Biceps interestingly comes as a similar reel trend of women discussing how they like men to dress does the rounds on social media. The only difference? The reel trend does not seek to sermonise or advise in the self-important way that Beer Biceps did. Also, the latter has magnificent reach online to whom his remarks reached, pushing a certain kind of narrative on the sartorial preferences of women?

Expectedly, several men in the comments below his tweet began dropping their two cents about how Indian attire is superior, how women in western garb have lesser appeal, and how exactly women must dress.


It's high time online influencers exercised greater judiciousness with their words and the way they relay their thoughts to followers. Could Allahbadia have worded his ideas better? Can we all?

Views expressed are the author's own. 


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