Alopecia Patient Woman Shares Inspiring Story Of Exploring Self-Love

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beauty standards for women
The beauty standards in society are really hard, especially for women. Long hair, sharp features, body shape and weight have always been important parameters to determine the beauty of women which creates toxic expectations and pressure, often fatal and dangerous for mental and physical health.

Society tries to fit women in the perfect mould when it comes to looks and beauty. People do not embrace different features, colours and features and instead try to change them according to predefined standards. Such toxic expectations have eradicated the confidence of people and they have forgotten what self-love is. Though self-love is currently being extensively preached, the reality is still very far and it is not as easy as it sounds. There are people who still continue to shame people for being different or acting differently.

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Beauty Standards For Women

A Reddit user shared her journey on the page @MadeMeSmile of suffering from Alopecia and how


+society made her feel less about herself. She wrote, "Despite having Alopecia for 11 years and being bullied all throughout my childhood, I can confidently say that I am a beautiful woman. I only started to feel this way within the last 2 years and it's so freeing to know that being bald is ok and it doesn't define my worth!".

Similar treatment is received by many women out there because of their weight, skin colour, looks, dressing sense, hair and body shape. Nobody thinks beyond physical features and actually realises that the person might be suffering from a medical condition. It is very easy for them to comment on them and bully them for being different instead of understanding that a person does not have control over how they are born, their genes and inherited features.

Recently, Anant Ambani got engaged to Radhika Merchant and the video and pictures of the ceremony went viral. There were many people who commented on Ambani's weight and said how the two don't look compatible. It's unfortunate that people only care about appearances and not about who they are from the inside.

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beauty standards for women