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Ariana Grande Announces New Album; Here Are Top 5 Songs By The Singer

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Back in 2010, Ariana Grande was just a Nickelodeon teen star sporting fiery red hair. Ten years later, she has segued into an iconic pop sensation with an equally iconic ponytail. Grande has five studio albums to her credit, eleven Grammy nominations and she headlined Coachella last year. But what makes her a real fan-favourite is that her songs are the perfect background score for one’s life events – big or small. As she gets ready to drop her third album later this month (cue excited shrieks), here are my Top 5 Ariana Grande songs that you should check out before listening to her latest album:

1. God Is A Woman (2018)

A soft-rock ballad with R&B traces, Grande’s “God Is A Woman” cements her status as a fierce, bold and evolved new-age icon. The song’s lyrics like “My one, when all is said and done/You’ll believe God is a woman” and “And he see the universe when I’m in company/It’s all in me” even though the song’s title has sacrilegious connotations, it’s lyrics have been interpreted as sexual. The song’s video – with water-colour galaxies and religious references – provides a glimpse of feminist utopia that hails the female as a divine being.

2. Thank You, Next (2018)

Deeply personal (the song starts with a round-up of Grande’s notable ex-flames) and brilliant, “Thank You, Next” is a self-love anthem for the ages. The singer’s inherent charm and new-found wisdom are apparent in lyrics like “I’ve learned from the pain /I turned out amazing” and “I’ve loved and I’ve lost.” Grande’s emotive track will help you get over your first – or your hundredth – heartbreak. The song’s music video is a cultural fiesta and pays homage to various classic teen rom-coms.

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3. 7 Rings (2018)

A reinterpretation of “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music, “7 Rings” is a highly addictive rap and R&B track. The song is almost a materialistic flex on Grande’s part and celebrates luxurious things like “breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Lashes and diamonds.” However, it also hails female independence through lyrics like “Wearing a ring, but ain’t gon’ be no “Mrs.” So the next time you feel extravagant, listen to “7 Rings” for some musical retail therapy and save yourself a shopping trip.

4. Into You (2016)

An example of pop perfection, “Into You” is vibrant, catchy, and just plain fun. The song’s foot-tapping beats and acrobatic vocals will leave you with an irresistible urge to dance it out. The lyrics, though “A little bit dangerous” and “A little bit scandalous”, are brazen and open-hearted. The song is perfect for both nights at the club and long car rides.

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5. Needy (2019)

An intimate, soulful ballad, “Needy” is Grande at her vulnerable best. The song will take you on a roller coaster of emotions as it traces the downfall of a relationship. The song, with lyrics like “And I’m a scream and shout for what I love” and “I admit that I’m a lil’ messed up” is a cathartic rendition. Easily one of Grande’s best slow pop-songs, “Needy” is a musical expression of your deepest diaristic confessions.

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