Actor Anushka Shetty Trolled: Its High Time We Stop Fat Shaming Celebrities

As easier it is to pass one's unsolicited advice on weight and body shape of others, it is a sadly a much difficult task for people to understand other person's situations or if not, then minding their own business.

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Anushka Shetty Fat Shamed
As easier it is to pass one's unsolicited advice on weight and body shape of others, it is a sadly a much difficult task for people to understand other person's situations or if not, then minding their own business. The society has followed the practice of fat shaming for so long that it has now become a completely normal thing for them. Even actors don't have escape from it.

South Indian actor and Baahubali fame Anushka Shetty recently made a public appearance after a considerably long time of being away from the limelight. The actor was seen wearing a white kurta and attending Maha Shivratri pooja, exuding elegant vibes. She could be seen smiling and being immersed in the festival in the pictures and videos but her peace did not go well with the netizens. They started trolling her for increased weight and passed nasty comments such as, "Very sad, plz sweety get slim" and "Lost all hope" on social media. These insensitive trolls did not consider that the words that they type to easily from their homes can have a serious affect on the other person's mental health.

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Anushka Shetty Fat Shamed

This is not the first time that a celebrity was trolled for gaining weight and fat shamed in public. Celebrities like actor Sonakshi Sinha, Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu and many others have been through such insensitive treatment from the audience. These celebrities were heavily trolled and mocked for choosing their lifestyle and embracing their body, however it was. They were criticised for make their own body decisions as the audience expects them to live as per the standard beauty criteria defined by the society, slim waist, elegant smile, underweight and an eye candy.


Male celebrities too go through similar treatment when they gain weight, the most recent case being Anant Ambani who was heavily criticised for his increased weight in his engagement pictures. Even her fiance Radhika Merchant was trolled for choosing money over looks. These people who find it easy to write some random hateful comment online without showing their face ignore the fact that a person might be going through health issues to have gained such weight, like in the case of Anant Ambani. There are many cases where people don't gain weight by choice but their health conditions affect their body weight heavily. Such people already struggle with embracing their body changes and the last thing they need is such hate.

However, even if a person does not have any health condition and simply chooses to gain weight or not maintain a slim and conventional body, it is their personal choice and should not bother another person. They don't need such unsolicited advice, they also know weight loss regimes, they known gyms and personal trainers, they simply choose not to do that and live life the way they want to and there is nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is random people leaving their own business and sliding in their dm's and comment section telling them they don't like them for being fat or trying to shame them for their body.

Such treatment is not limited to celebrities, even common people get shamed for being overweight and fat. Such insensitive comments make them question their worth and makes them under confident. They could never love themselves and accept the way their body is and always try to become somebody they are not. Fat shaming is a major reason why people in today's world suffer from mental health issues, insecurity, anxiety and fear of criticism.

It is important to understand that every body looks and functions differently. It is completely normal to have a thin body and it is also normal to have a thick one, it depends on your genes and should not be a social norm or idea that everyone needs to fit into. It is important to prioritise your mental and physical health and if you live an active life with whatever weight you carry, its alright. Don't let the world decide how you need to look.

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