It’s Okay To Dream About Your Balcony Wedding

Actors Who Married Their Crush
When Alia Bhatt finally shared the pictures from her much-anticipated wedding on social media, many found it hard to look away. She chose to join the Sabyasachi bride trend and still stood out with her white and gold saree. Her groom, Ranbir Kapoor, matched her in white and the couple looked as happy as one would dream to be at their wedding. What also caught everyone’s attention was the venue. Instead of going away from stalkers holding cameras in their hands to a faraway location for a destination wedding, the couple tied the knot at their home in Mumbai. In their balcony.

Bhatt wrote, “Today, surrounded by our family and friends, at home in our favourite spot–the balcony we’ve spent the last 5 years of our relationship–we got married.” Filmmaker Rhea Kapoor also did a similar thing when she got married to her husband Karan Boolani in her living room. Although Rhea Kapoor and Alia Bhatt both have a little more space in their balcony and their living rooms than many of us, the idea of celebrating a relationship at the very place it bloomed seems desirable.

The Balcony Wedding

Alia Bhatt’s wedding pictures were everywhere. Some saw it as a free antidote against the loveless world and others as an irrelevant non-event hogging social media timelines. The jokes had already started floating about how grown women are crossing the line of bizarre with their emotional investment on a celebrity wedding. Someone raised a great point how Bhatt’s wedding will now encourage real-estate agents to charge extra for balcony space. But people still gushed about it. While putting up long Twitter threads about someone else’s wedding–people you don’t really know–can sound weird to some people, it is not unusual at all.

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Yes, Sabyasachi is expensive and having a home like Bhatt’s is impossible for most of us but love is something we all want and deserve.

We all have grown up on a diet of romance novels and unrealistically charming love stories in movies. The beautiful idea of having it all might not become reality but why should that stop us from dreaming about it? Yes, Sabyasachi is expensive and having a home like Bhatt’s is impossible for most of us but love is something we all want and deserve. When Simon Basset got married to Daphne Bridgerton and made her world turn around, many of us felt her happiness. It was as if we were with her at the altar. When Modern Family‘s Mitch and Cam finally got married in the way they actually wanted, I cried with them.

Maybe the desirable aspect of the celebrity weddings is somewhat similar. You see, even though the two people standing at the altar here are not playing a role, they still are living our dream while making us see a whole new world where most good things are possible. Whether it be an unaffordable wedding trousseau, a loving spouse and a palace like home.

Sure, the expectations set by the glorification of such personal life events of rich people are unrealistic. They can even push people to reach for things that are not necessarily important to have in life. But then we all are products of a certain culture and the benchmark for a happy and loving life has already been set. We can choose to define our own benchmarks or pick one already existing one and day dream about it. Nobody can stop us.

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