7 Questions Women With No Children Are Asked. Which One Have You Heard?

Women With No Children
Women With No Children: It’s the 21st century and motherhood is no more an obligation for women. It’s a matter of choice. It’s a matter of free will. But some conservative minds still criticise females for not choosing to become a mother. It’s time you shut their mouths, once and for all. Here are seven stupid questions women with no children are asked and some really sassy answers to them.

Don’t you worry about who will take care of you when you grow old?

I am self-sufficient enough to take care of myself and support myself even when I grow old. I don’t want to be a liability on anyone. Why don’t you mind your own business and stop making your fake concerns a liability for me?

What if your mother thought like you do? You wouldn’t be born.

My mother had her own reasons. She didn’t have the choice. But I do. So I am deciding for myself. I don’t want to become a mother right now. I don’t want to feel like kids are burden on me. I will have them when I want to or won’t. Why is my free will making you so uncomfortable? And will you please stop passing on baseless and mindless opinions over me?

But didn’t god create us to reproduce?

See this is the problem, the problem with our mentality which has been programmed in a certain way by the society to believe that women are just meant to give birth to babies. The sole purpose of a woman’s existence is reproduction. Wo kehte hai na ki ek aurat ka Jeevan tabhi safal hota hai, jab uski shaadi aur bachche ho jate hai. So women are trained to become mothers and do childcare since their very childhood. And I can’t begin to tell you how sick this way of thinking is.

Oh, are you going to be one of those women with a bunch of cats?

Yeah, so what? Why does it hurt you so much? I will definitely be that woman with a bunch of cats, and I will love my cats to lengths. At least, I will be happy, and I think that is what matters the most.

Are you gonna freeze your eggs or not?

Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. How does it bother you? Only I have the freedom to freeze my eggs and I will exercise it if I want to and when I want to, not because somebody like you is telling me to do so. So keep your unsolicited advices to yourself only.

Don’t you want your family line to continue?

It’s my family line. Why do you care so much? Because even they don’t seem to be as worried as you. Carrying on the family line is certainly not the purpose of my existence. There are bigger and more important things to accomplish in life and I choose to focus on them rather than worrying about something so silly.

What if you change your mind later?

Well, we will see then. Reproduction is not the only way to attain motherhood. I don’t need to necessarily bear a baby to become a mother. There are manifold other ways to be a mother in the market today. There’s artificial insemination. There’s adoption. I can opt for any of these options. So you don’t worry. It’s my life, my choice.

So my message to all the lovely ladies out there is that here is much more to a woman than just marriage and motherhood. You can be anything and everything. And you deserve the world. And the world will witness you have it all. And the same people who come at us for not following the norm will see us shine in the glory of success and satisfaction some fine day.