5 Reasons Why Friendship Breakups Are Worse Than Relationship Breakups

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When it comes to breakdown, the loss of someone is equally hurtful and saddening. Nobody likes losing people and breaking bonds because the time and affection invested in creating them becomes meaningless. Most people believe that friendship breakups are worse than that of relationships. Coping up with the fact that the connection once shared has no meaning anymore is something that takes a lot of understanding and emotional strength.

Yet somehow losing friendships is always more difficult than ending relationships. Here’s why we think it is:

  1. You can be yourself.

One thing that makes friendship more platonic than relationship is the freedom of being oneself. You don’t have to pretend who you are in front of your friends. You can be your absolute best as well as worse because they accept you for who you are without any judgements.

  1. They know EVERYTHING.

From your most embarrassing moments to the names of your crush to your favourite milkshake, they know you inside out. They know your secrets from the time you were licking lollipops and dancing in pajama shorts. In short, they know too much and it’s an absolute risk to let them go with so much of sensitive information.

  1. You cannot talk to someone about it.

Because they were the person you used to go to talk about such things. Crush isn’t replying? Boyfriend is not giving enough attention? Problems at work? You can’t find the synonym of greatness? They were always there to talk when you needed but where would you vent out if they are not there?

  1. Your circle gets smaller.

As you grow up, you start losing friends for whatever reasons. But soon you start realising that your circle gets smaller and smaller till there are three of you left while planning for the next trip or Friday night-out. It gets hard looking at the farewell pictures or the pictures from the college’s freshers’ party remembering all the memories you made with the people you hardly say “Hi” to now. Sad, but true.

  1. They were your family.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. So it pains just the same as losing a family member. Even though not related by blood, friends are the ties we create through understanding and mutual respect for one another. And sometimes some friendships even go beyond familial relationships which makes them so hard to let go.

(Views expressed by the author are their own.)