18 Things Only Besties Can Say To Each Other

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Everyone has a bestie without whom they cannot do. The bond shared with them is special and rare. There are a few things that can only be said by your bestie to you while the same thing said by any other person would be unacceptable.  The trust, comfort, openness, and importance given to them let whatever they say be allowed by you. There are things besties say that nobody else can tell you.

Here are 18 things that only besties can say to each other :

1. “This hairstyle won’t suit your face” – Nobody, not even your boyfriend or parent is allowed to say anything about your hairstyle or a new haircut other than your bestie. Only a bestie can have a say about the hairstyle that will best suit you.

2. “Stop Overthinking” – If anyone other than a bestie says that you are overthinking then it will surely offend you. But a bestie can tell you to stop overthinking without a second thought.

3.  “This photo is not postable” – Everyone needs a second opinion before posting their photo on Instagram. But only your bestie will tell with all honesty if the photo is postable.

4. “I want to cancel the plan to stay at home” –  Only a bestie cannot get hurt when you have a mood to not get out of your bed. Sometimes all we want to do is chill at home and only a bestie can understand this without taking offense.

5.  “We are watching this movie” – You do not have to think about the movie you are watching with your bestie. Just go and tell which movie you guys are watching and I am pretty sure your bestie will be ok with it. You cannot order anybody else other than your bestie to watch a certain movie.

6.  “My pee was too brown” – Some might consider this gross but admit it you have had such conversations with your bestie. You even ask her views and opinions about it cause why not.

7.  “You are wrong here” – It is only acceptable and no offence is taken when a bestie tells you are wrong about something. It sucks to hear it but it is for your own good and who better to tell that you are wrong other than your bestie.

8. “Let us get matching tattoos” –  Getting matching tattoos is a big step in a person’s life. So usually only a bestie can say about getting matching tattoos because we know it is a permanent bond.

9. “He is not that into you” –  Bestie will openly tell you if a guy is not into you. She will ensure that you do not continue dating or liking a guy who does not like you back. Only she can be so honest and true to you.

10. “You cannot drunk dial him” – When you are totally drunk and 2 am, going to call that ex of yours, only your bestie will stop you from calling him. She will be the voice of reason to stop you. Thank god for her!

11. “You have something stuck in your tooth” – Your bestie got your back. She will without a doubt tell you when you have something stuck in your tooth. They know you would want to be told about it then let it be.

12.  “I will kill you if you get back with him” – A bestie will ensure that you do not get back to your ex. She will take all necessary measures to keep you away from him. Who else will save you from taking such dumb decisions?

13. “Open the door, I am waiting outside” – Nobody else will tell this other than a bestie. They will come unannounced to each other’s places.

14. “If I were a guy, I would date you” – Every bestie has once told this to their bestie, because of how awesome they are.

15.  “That outfit looks bad on you”– You would not want your bestie going out dressed like that. Besties always let each other know when their outfit does not suit the occasion or it just looks bad.

16. “Stop acting like a bitch” – Besties are the only people who are capable of being so brunt. They will tell us anything to get us back on the right path.

17. “Should I send this text” – Every girl will get their text cross-checked by her bestie before pressing the send button.

18. “I am borrowing this dress” – Are you even besties if you don’t borrow each other’s outfits? Her clothes=Your clothes

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