Birth Anniversary of Sarojini Naidu : Her Most Powerful Quotes

STP Team
Feb 13, 2021 03:32 IST
sarojini naidu quotes

2021 marks the 142nd birthday anniversary of Sarojini Naidu. Here are some of the most powerful quotes by her. Naidu had a prolific political career and was an advocate of women's rights and them joining the political and freedom struggle.

  • “I say it is not your pride that you are a Madrasi, it is not your pride that you a brahmin, it is not your pride that you belong to south India, it is not your pride that you are a Hindu, that it is your pride that you are an Indian.”
  • "When there is oppression, the only self-respecting thing is to rise and say this shall cease today, because my right is justice. If you are stronger, you have to help the weaker boy or girl both in play and in the work."
  • A country’s greatness lies in its undying ideals of love and sacrifice that inspire the mothers of the race.
  • We want deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action.
  • The new has come and now the old retires. And so the past becomes a mountain cell. Where lone apart old hermit memories dwell.